Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia

Windsor's slumber party...

...Windsor's having a slumber party at the vet tonight. One other cat was staying there and they were being very vocal, so I'm sure they'll have a lot to bitch about together. His bottom canine has an abscess and the tooth needs removed. He had to get bloodwork today cuz he's 16 and he's in excellent shape.

Since Windsor isn't home--it doesn't feel right when a family member isn't home--I shut the porch windows and Pixie is out. I haven't checked in a few hours but last I saw she had only hauled her food dish to the daybed, which isn't a problem. Why she'd want to do that I have no idea. Tomorrow I'll work on blocking the porch windows when they're open from Pixie and still leaving Windsor a hole to get out there. The inside of the windows look 'normal' and out on the porch it's like big glass cupboard doors you open up on the other side of the inside. So no screens, as the porch is screened.

By the time I got home from dropping him off, and that took far longer than I thought, I got home 6:15-ish. Let dogs out, got dinner cooking, had to water garden, talked to neighbor kids, had to debrief a volunteer at the place I volunteer at, finally ate, and um, youtube time! oh of course feed the hogs, i mean kittens.

Hecate is getting big, or maybe he just looks bigger than Beelzebub cuz he's fluffier. Hecate is a boy cat (couldn't tell when I first got him) but he told me he identifies as a girl, so he can still be named after a goddess. Beelzebub is a boy.

Can't really do much anyway when someone is at the vet, as my brain is scattered and I can't really concentrate until they're HOME.

It's almost midnight and some mofo out somewhere is fucking around with a ladder. Dafuq?

Fingers crossed when I go downstairs Pixie will have been good. Poor Poli sometimes forgets her name now. Won't respond to it outside. She still patrols the perimeter tho, so she still knows that important job she gave herself and has tried to teach Pixie. She also still relies on Pan at night time when they go out, and I have solar lights out on a path for her to help with her bad night vision.

Alright, time to get ready for bed and get everyone else ready for bed. Windsor is probably pissed, tho he IS in central air, so he's got that going for him tonight, they also give him a calming towel, and leave on a machine with 'soothing quiet sounds' playing.

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