Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia

Melon's Sweet 16th

Melon turns 16 today!! She's Skittles' last surviving chirrun (Skittles had chirruns before I had her, then I got her spayed & kept her inside). Melon has a sinus issue, where one side of her nasal cavity is deteriorating due to chronic sinus infections, a separate inner ear issue in her left ear, and has recently gone totally deaf as she's lost hearing in her right ear due to age related hearing loss.

We're adapting to her hearing loss. Windsor hears me get up and they usually sleep together, so that probably wakes her. As soon as I get out of the bedroom I start flicking the living room ceiling light on and off for about a minute. If she doesn't come up, I'll do a few things and try it again, usually works the first time. Afternoon and bedtime she automatically comes up for canned food (dry food is always out upstairs for her and Windsor). If she's asleep and I start to pet her I always make sure to smile at her when she wakes up startled. So we're adapting. She still is sometimes scratching away at her right ear, the Dr said it's cuz she knows she can't hear and it's like 'hey what's going on here'.

She has a grooming appointment next week. She can't fully bathe due to severe back arthritis. She's got pain meds for that.

She decided to conquer the carrier today, since she's in it so often. She's always a sweet cat, except when she has cat nip, then she's a mean drunk.

Tags: furbabies

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