Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia

RIP Maybe Baby

Eddie's last cat, Maybe Baby, passed away in her sleep early Sunday. She was 16. Her name was Maybe because one of the neighbor kids had found her here as a kitten, brought her to me; but I had just taken in Mithras (I'm 99.9999% certain Mithras & Maybe were from the same litter, same beautiful green eyes, same sweet disposition, both preferred to be carried places, and both found within days of each other, same age) so didn't want to really take in another. Eddie said "Maybe" he'd take her. Hence her name.

Maybe survived Eddie's house fire, and was the last of those survivors to pass. She was the queen of the house over there. She was still demanding treats on Friday, when I was over with Poli. When she was outside she would get close to the house but then would want to be carried into the house and placed on the banister where Eddie has a treat bowl. Then she'd sit and wait for a treat. Only Eddie or I could pick her up from outside, she wouldn't let anyone else. I guess that was smart, not going with 'strangers'.

Eddie is obviously upset. It's also close to the 9th anniversary of his house fire when he lost his dog Luci-fur, and cats Layla, Grape Juice, and Loaner. Maybe did have lasting trauma from that, she was scared of hoses in action or water pouring. I'll never forget going into his burned out place with water pouring down from the 2nd floor place, floor boards iffy in some spots, looking for Maybe and Black Jack. The firefighters had looked, furniture was moved out, they really looked thoroughly several times. Eddie took the basement that had 2 feet of water in it and rising, and he knew the dresser down there didn't have a back, which the firefighters wouldn't have known. He pulled it out and there were Maybe and Black Jack. Black Jack took off thru the back door, then Eddie was yelling for me; but I couldn't hear him thru the water pouring down. A fire marshal flashed their light and I turned and he was holding Maybe Baby. She was obviously scared, but didn't even have breathing problems, nor did Black Jack.

I went to Walmart today to print some photos of Maybe that Eddie had taken and got frames. When I handed them to him today after thanking me he said "Now I don't have to worry about trying to print photos and crying."

Rest in Peace Maybe Baby. You're with the rest of your Cherry Street family now.


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