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Poliahu, Ceilings no more, and Blah to infinity

Poliahu turned 12 on January 29. I have video of giving her 13 snausages (one to grow on) but I'm on my PC, not the app, and I didn't upload it to youtube. Uh, yeah, I should've done that. Just thinking of that now. Here she is after after gobbling them.


This was also after going over to Eddie's, who she shares a birthday with. Over there she had 3 big Bill Jack treats, a cupcake, and a piece of shrimp. He got his 3 dogs and the 2 he dog sits to 'sing' Poli happy birthday. Got that on video on my phone too. Well, it's there to get uploaded, eventually. Poli gets confused out of 'home' now. When I walked her over to Eddie's she kept wanting to walk up the steps of other houses on Robinette. She's never done that before. She's always gone directly to Eddie's. Actually just 2 weeks prior going over there she went right there. Hmmmm....

Poli, and Pan, have been going to Eddie's house since before he lived there. They'd visit the couple who lived there, the man had dementia but loved dogs and enjoyed having visits by them. Then when Poli gets into the house now over there she's like disoriented. She doesn't walk into walls or anything like that, she just wanders around, will eventually find Eddie to struggle to jump up on him, and she doesn't hear well there---that I can understand as music AND the tv is playing at the same time. Over here she has silence (INCREDIBLY difficult to believe I know; but if I'm listening to something it's upstairs, not downstairs, it's rare for me to take a speaker downstairs). She always responds when I call her here. She's never disoriented here and still patrols the perimeter of the yard--the job she gave herself, she does it very well and patrols the entire perimeter. I know her night vision isn't as good as it was, which I discussed with the Dr, as she waits on the back porch for Pan to come outside at night time then stays within a few feet of her. Pan eats slow.

A couple weeks ago all my 1st floor ceilings were FINALLY removed!! Pan & Poli went over to Eddie's. I was upstairs with the cats. Dusty and dirty as fuck. 95 years of dust and dirt being unleashed. They found a bird's nest in the dining room ceiling. It was a really old one; but as my contractor said "only at Tia's". Yep.

The coming down of the living room ceiling, yes, they had tarps on the floor. I was happy no windows were broke, as I like my original 1926 windows!


The aftermath. Well I do have another pic after it's cleaned up; but this'll suffice for now. The living room is gonna be painted turquoise (a shade to match a light fixture I found. I needed a new one, was looking in a store, saw this one and "THAT'S IT!" and I'm content with my choice) and the ceiling a complimentary not too dark purple ("the sky was all purple, there was people running everywhere..."---I might paint that lyric onto the ceiling). Ceilings aren't going to be redone until other work is done where having the ceilings down REALLY helps!


Dining room after. There's gonna be a window, as there once was, where that fucking built in AC is straight back. Mofos took out a window to put in an AC and plywood around it. Uh?? Was like that when I moved in. Window going back in. Dining room is gonna be a medium lime green with a glossy black ceiling. I'm keeping that light fixture as it's from the 50s or 60s. The wall with the kitchen door I'm gonna paint black stripes. My contractor just shakes his head when I tell him these things. I did say I'd do the stripes, as working with masking tape is a PITA. Think I'm gonna have the kitchen bright white, dunno. Leaning towards that. Upstairs will be pastels and dammit, I'm having my Wizard of Oz bathroom. Have figured out how to make stuff for it. It's not even one of my favorite movies, I just had a thought of having a Wizard of Oz bathroom years ago and it's remained with me. Dammit, I'm doing it.


Contractor is coming tomorrow to clean out and paint basement. And....he's bringing my stove!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I've only had a toaster over the past year +. I went to VMAC today and was gonna go to Giant Eagle to get more stove top cookable food but VMAC was insane. There were only 3 registers with people and lines to those registers went thru the women's clothing. I'm looking for a checkout, and there's a CSM and the assistant manager standing there, amongst people standing in lines discussing buying lottery tickets. I tell them "Why don't you stop talking about lottery tickets and open some more fucking registers?" the assistant manager got uppity and said "I don't like your language" Ah, wrong response to me. "I don't like how you fucking MISmanage. You want me to take your pic & tweet it to Walmart saying you were talking about forming an union?" Gosh, 3 registers opened almost immediately with ASSt manager working one. Yeah, VMAC AKA Walmart goes into meltdown mode if employees say the word union.

After I left there I went home and that was probably good cuz who knows what is wrong with my car now. Something simple or something expensive. Neighbor going to look at it tomorrow morning. Thank goodness we have a mechanic in the neighborhood! I need to post the texts from the LA Motors guy, who texted asking if I was single, then when I didn't reply kept texting me. I finally told him off after like 6+ weeks of his texts. As my contractor said "How many other women is he texting?" True. I think I said that to him. I need to re-d/l the LJ app I guess, I removed it cuz you couldn't access your video library and I'm still stubborn using my old cracked face phone which has a very limited memory. I have nothing against the new one; but I still have to frequently use this as a flashlight, so I don't want to drop the new one, I think it boils down to that.

Um....guess that's it for now. I have another post to post right after this. Not a good one.

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