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Easily amused most fun in 2020 AKA don't do this

My WTF happened to my yard pix are on my laptop, as I had to get them off my phone cuz the phone doesn't have much memory and the small sized sd card I added is full of music, PRIORITIES!! I have a new phone sitting here with more memory and a 200 times larger sd card but um, yeah, I'll get to that soon enough. So for now, I'll post about probably the most enjoyable time I had this year, aside from going to the Pittsburgh airport in March, that'll be a different post cuz those pix are also on my laptop & I'm on my PC right now.

I'm easily amused, that's a given. One night I was driving around Akron with Mackenzie, just driving and talking cuz she didn't want to go back for awhile to where she was staying. We go thru downtown and start heading west on Maple. I ask her if I had ever shown her and her siblings as kids LeBron James' high school and no, we had just gone by his house out past Fairlawn. Really? I never showed you that high school? No. She wanted to know what was so special about his school. Insert devilish grin. Oh, I'll show you.

Let me make clear, don't do this. This is really fucking stupid to do. This is incredibly reckless to do. Do NOT do this! Hi! I'm really fucking stupid and incredibly reckless. The streets were dry, my brakes were in good working order (both vital). It was around 11pm. Now, Mackenzie has unfortunately 'lived' too much in her life due to addiction. So I didn't expect much of a reaction from her.

I made her put her seat belt on. We stop on Maple at the X, basically by the Crosby intersection (you should lock your car doors if they don't auto lock cuz it's not safe around there) to wait for the light on W Market to turn green. It is also imperative that you blast the Beastie Boys' Sabotage, don't question it, it's just a must. When the light turns green on W Market you put the gas pedal to the floor. If your car has get up and go you should hit the top of the hill at around 85mph and catch air. Mackenzie "WHAT THE FUCK TIA?!?!?!" After I bounced down and started to slow down to stop at the bottom of the hill, she said she wasn't expecting me to do anything like that, actually had a moment of fear at the top of the hill cuz she couldn't see anymore road, and could we do it again? So we did.

As I said I'm easily amused. Sadly, that was probably her most sober fun.

Again, don't do this! It's fucking stupid and reckless. Who the hell would put a high school on a hill like tho? And oh yeah, LeBron James did go to that high school.


Even at night with the street lights it looks like the road just stops.


Right up top is where you catch air. I jiggled a brake line loose the second time I landed, which ultimately was good cuz I learned that the mofo's at LA Motors attached it with a zip tie instead of a $1.50 clamp and once it got loose it was rubbing against the tire. So this was a 'good thing' (also stupid and reckless--and fun ;) cuz it would've came loose eventually and then rubbed a hole in the line and I'd be w/o brakes, while driving. Also, no longer going to LA Motors.


This was after SDR passed. I can hear laughing and perhaps regaling me with something similar she'd done.

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