Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia


My 1st floor ceilings are supposed to be removed Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Not gonna happen. I have to clear everything out cuz it's going to be an epic mess with 95 year old plaster, dirt, lathe boards, etc. Alas I have severe chest congestion today & could do diddly squat. I feel tomorrow will be the same. Bonus, I recently had that virus you might of heard of in the media.

I'll pay my contractor tho, he's done so much work for me outside, and I trust him totally. I need to post the yard/tree photos so the utter what the fuckness can be shown. My contractor also got me a new stove for Christmas!! He's bringing it when he does the ceilings. It's a commercial model and even without model number, looking online, these run around $1200. It's brand new, never been used. He had a customer selling it very cheaply & he traded labor for the cost. I'm really excited!! I've only had a toaster oven the past year or so.

Bonus fuckery, Skittles. Took her to vet Thurs morning she got shot of cerenia (anti-nausea med) & fluids (just to make her feel better) and she was 💯 Skittles Thurs evening!! Today she's much much quieter. Something going on with her intestines. Dr said I could bring her in Saturday to get another cerenia injection but even if I felt like it, there's like 8"+ of snow in the driveway and street. Poli has appointment Mon so I'll see if I can take her then.


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