Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia

This Diva Skittles

To the vet 4 times this week. Thickened intestines. Cerenia is now her drug of choice, as it makes her do a 180. She went the 4 times to get injections of it while I waited for the compound pharmacy to send me a bottle of it in liquid form. The vet can only sell it in pill form and there's no way I can pill her. She doesn't like getting the liquid tho. "Yucky makes you better" is the mantra. We're theorizing irritable bowel syndrome, as everything else checks out a-ok with her.

She's a total diva. Yells for breakfast. Yells for dinner, which is cat crack plus a can of Fancy Feast savory centers, then another cat crack. Mind you she has dry food out at all times. Then she yells for her water dish to be filled to the top. Yells for her blanket to be fluffed. And now has started to yell when she wants cat nip on her blanket. She has me trained well.

She'll be 18 in February, so I suppose being a diva is expected at her age.


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