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RIP Senior Detective Rice

My dear good friend known as Senior Detective Rice passed away recently with this song playing in the background.

It wasn't coronavirus related. She was being very vigilant about that and hadn't really gone anywhere. Neighbors were doing her shopping. She called me the day before she went to the ER. Just her arthritis was bugging her that day, as far as she would say. She passed 6 days later with her 2 kids in the room, so definitely nothing coronavirus related since they were allowed in.

I'll maintain her enigma status, as she liked that. She also loved dogs, chocolate, more chocolate, politics, debates, sleuthing online, and was an overall amazing friend.

I know she'd be mad as hell about passing right now for several reasons, one was the upcoming election and the other I'll keep private. So FOR YOU SDR, I will re-register to vote and it is ONLY for you and no other reason. Yes, I will vote how you would have.

There's going to be a memorial service sometime in July. She had wanted to be cremated anyway.

In her honor I will partake of chocolate, and more chocolate, in a day or two. I will also get a rubber duck picture for my bathroom when it's remodeled (she liked ducks and really enjoyed seeing that huge rubber duck a few years ago).

And I probably shouldn't have typed this with tears streaming down my face. I called Eddie, because he was friends with her too. I had to repeat it a couple times and it wasn't because of his music & tv blasting, he just couldn't comprehend. Then "FUCK" "DAMN" "Really?" Unfortunately yes. Then I couldn't really talk, nor could he. Reminded me of the day Prince passed. She was the first to phone me minutes after it was announced, and I answered, crying, and she said "You obviously know, I wanted to make sure you knew and I know you can't really talk now." I said I really couldn't. She did ask if I was in a store, and fortunately not. She didn't want me to be out somewhere and hear that news, cuz she knew how much Prince impacted my life. She was incredibly considerate.

SDR and I always planned to go to Serpent Mound together. It's in Southern Ohio. I WILL make that trip Rice!!

There will be countless times I'll hear your voice saying certain things at certain times "Edward is your special burden to bare" (regarding the computer questions), or times I'll just know what you'd be thinking of a situation. Then there will be times when I'll want to call you, and we'd end up talking for hours, almost every time. But we can't do that anymore now.

Hopefully you're with your granddog Jez and are both free of all pain, stress, and fuckery of this world.

I hope you knew I much I loved and appreciated you, and always will. You were a true friend.
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