Miss Tia (misstia) wrote,
Miss Tia

Phone call with Edward...with a surprising ending

if you have a laptop or PC and have a bookmark bar how often does it just disappear on you? i mean, just poof, gone? probably never, unless switching browsers or you're messing around in settings...somehow some way this is a VERY common occurrence for edward who will admit to doing nothing...."it just was gone"...so we get to today...

since there's really no point, aside from letting the dogs out, i got out of bed at 10:30...saw a missed call from eddie at 10:10 but no VM...i let dogs out, feed cats, get coffee in me and figure i'll call him back after 2nd cup of coffee....i had JUST finished my 1st cup of coffee and grinch ring tone of doom...

did you get my call from earlier?
i didn't get up til 10:30 and wanted to finish my coffee, i am about to start my second cup
are you going anywhere today?
no, why?
my computer is fucked up
it was worse, but i got the bottom bar back, but the bookmarks are gone again
how do you keep doing that?
i didn't do anything, it was just gone
you did something
maybe something updated
how do i get it back?
well you probably got rid of this too, but do you have file, edit, view up in the left corner?
no, were they there?
yes, i put them there the LAST TIME you did this a couple months ago
it's gone
hit the ALT button
did you hit it?
do you have options in the upper left?
go to view, then toolbars, then menu
view, toolbars, menu
okay, is that stuff still there?
go to view, then toolbars, then bookmarks
view, toolbars, bookmarks TIA!
WHAT?! [seriously fearing wtf now]
Oh wow, that's a pleasant change and a surprise ending

This'll repeat in a view months...who am I kidding, next month....
Tags: phone calls with edward

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