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Hood Kid Post!

There's pix, but no faces. I know legally I CAN show faces, but even with a parental unit's permission I don't feel right about it. Exception was Tammy's kids, I did post pix of them years ago, with her and Rob's permission. But not too often. Since all 4 of those kids are adults if/when I find vintage hood kid pix, I'll have no problem posting 'em. I'm just weird that way. But we have hands showing here today and that's fine.

Anyway, my main hood kids are all siblings. There are others but aren't here every day, nor all day, as the others are sometimes. That's fine. I can go in as needed and they can amuse themselves.

English is their second language. We sometimes have communication problems but we figure it out by trying other words or looking up definitions on Mr. Google. I absolutely love some of their phrases. Instead of saying early, they say fast. "Wake up fast" threw me the first time I heard it but they explained it. Should we say early? No, fast is great. We can be sitting outside my house and I'll tell them I'm going in for the day. "You're going home?" I am home. "But you are going home?" Yes, I'm going home. They call day care 'free school'. Why do you call it that? "Cuz it's like school." But it's not free and school where you learn is actually free. "No it's free cuz we don't have to do stuff at times like at school." Oh like every day in school you have a certain class at a certain time? "Yeah". That actually makes sense calling it free school.

At the end of Ramadan there was Eid for 3 days. One of the older ones explained it was sort of like our Christmas and they got candy and presents. But one piped in they had to get up really fast to be at praying by 7am. That is really fast. The youngest one took video of the praying to show me. He was running around the Mosque videoing stuff to show me, while everyone is praying. There was some other little ones running around too; but they were quiet while running around. None of their others had a parental unit's phone in their hand that I saw. That was very sweet of him of to do that.

Then they visit friend and family's houses during the 3 days. On the day they got visitors the kids brought the visitor's kids down to my house. I seriously had over a dozen kids down here. I got a table from the backyard so we could play cards and I said I had to clean it and they all, even the littlest ones, piped in immediately "I wanna help!!" You want to help clean? "YES!" Okay. They didn't do any superficial wipes either, they were all scrubbing really hard. We had a translation problem as I tried to tell them plastic furniture gets discolored over time; but we got thru that with Mr. Google. Then two of them picked up all the paper towels and put them in the trash. I did not ask them too, they did it automatically. I always think when the kids do things like that, that that isn't 'normal' for kids. It's amazingly awesome but how many kids do you know who would be like that?? I've been around a lot of hood kids and have never encountered such politeness, willingness to help, and as my next door said about them one day "respect".

More kids ended up coming down and one of them got a blanket from home and we spread it out in the driveway to play cards on. There were kids out riding bikes in the street and running around my new front yard too [I'm gonna call my expansion pack my front yard].

One night they were enthralled with the moon and how it seemed to be following them. This has continued to fascinate them every night they're out and the moon is showing. They really don't require anything flashy, shiny, or expensive. Jupiter was visible for a bit, so we learned about that planet via Mr. Google.

They are sincerely so grateful for anything. Even when we planted seeds in flower pots. They check their seeds growth every day. Telling them they could play cards outside at my house if I wasn't home or outside was also met with many thank yous. We keep the cards in a plastic bag in case it rains. They also have side walk chalk and bubbles available to them outside my house. I hope being content with nature, and simple pastimes remains with them.

So here's the current table by my house. The bigger one is across the street now. This is a day it was sprinkling but one of the kids and I were playing rummy, which we only play when we're alone together as no one else likes it, so I improvised a ghetto patio umbrella. An old umbrella of mine that needs replaced as it has a couple tears in it; but it worked perfectly for this.


Ghetto ingenuity!


One day I found a few dozen bottles of fingernail polish someone gave me last year. We know I sure ain't gonna use it [I chew my fingernails, yes, horrible habit, probably anxiety based. Choose you're battles, I'm fine with it.] So the one who is here the most and reminds me of Mackenzie at that age--probably cuz we're sort of same and that'll bond ya, you should see her eyes flash when she gets irked! She's quick witted too-- and I checked them all and all but 3 were 'gunky'. Her older sister got the remaining and was most most grateful. My little one and I then decided to use some of the gunky nail polish to paint on the house. We did hearts and flowers. Then later two others came down and they added to it. They all had to repeat the caveat they would never put fingernail polish on anyone else's house.


Yesterday we made slime. Well they did, I did not. Was going to buy white glue but vmac had colored glue on clearance for $5 a gallon. Uh, yes please! And yes, the mess was all cleaned up.

P6232624 copy






They were LOVING the glitter!! We made 2 batches and have loads of glue and borax left to make lots more over the summer. Have just a bit of glitter left. Gonna need more glitter. LOTS more glitter!!

I got storage containers so they can keep their slime as long as it'll keep. I have to wash the bowls so we can reuse them. I might just wash them outside, lest my sink be forever filled with glitter.

Next weekend we are putting hand prints on the house, like one hood kid did 10 years ago when he was four. They already know they canNOT put paint in anyway on anyone else's house, just mine. Why? Cuz it's just paint, it's something kids will always remember, and it's fun! But 99.9999% of other people like their houses to have one color with window trim another color and zero hand prints, or fingernail polish as that is the societal norm. I am the .0001% and certainly not within a societal norm!

And if I get a wooden fence for my front yard, depends if wood or chain link is cheaper, I'll let 'em paint on that too! After I do a base coat in lavender.

Kids today were outside playing with their slime. They wanted to make more next Saturday; but when I said it was hand prints or slime, they picked hand prints. I'm gonna coordinate with another parental unit for the treasure hunt on another Saturday.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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