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Land of Misfit Toys Expansion Pack...

This short video also gives a pretty good 'before' image.

So yeah, "someone's" property is now mine. It'll get all fenced in in a couple months after those trees are cut down. Next year it'll be the 'Land of Misfit Toys' Garden'. HUGE honkin' garden! I will transplant back some of "someone's" plants I rescued before the house was tore down and there'll be flowers planted too. For all the peoples who have passed around here. The kids who grew up there will always be welcome on the property. This year, I told the current hood kids they can play soccer there, or build a club house, or whatever. I hauled over a bigger table, a bench, and a couple chairs for kid card playing, etc.

Yesterday I borrowed Eddie's mower to mow my new yard. It wasn't that high; but it was thick grass and hard work. There's still ruts in the yard from ding dongs driving thru it too. My next door neighbor came home while I was doing that and when I finished he said he was proud of me for getting thru that. I slammed a gatorade and then started to cut back what we call poor man's bamboo. I dunno the real name. I know it's invasive and apparently you need to kill it with either gasoline or something only a contractor can get. I'm not putting gas on the stems.

Yesterday after I cut back half of the poor man's bamboo along the back fence.


I trimmed on the right side and behind the shed too. Shed belongs to the house next door. I cat sit for them. Yes, that is a hood kid. No, no name here, not even her doll's. She's only included here in the pics because her head is turned.


That stuff was about 6-7 feet deep.


And it got taller the further along it went for some reason, probably cuz of the tree branches.


So last evening the kids and I were playing a card game one of the older boys picked, and had to teach me. I don't know the game's name, it has a name in another language though. There was 6 of us playing. The older boy suddenly said he would come help me with the yard tomorrow. I wasn't saying anything about the yard, nor had I, was trying to follow the game. I said that was nice of him but he didn't need to do that. "I insist I help". Okay then, if you insist. We agreed 11am and on the dot he was here. He took out the majority of remaining of bamboo [let's just call it that, we know it's not; but it's better than typing poor man's bamboo over and over] himself. I was then cutting it down to 3' lengths and bundling it. In a little over an hour it was pretty much all cleared! He's an excellent worker!!

It was hot this morning, so I said I'd get him something from Dairy Queen. No, he didn't want anything, he just wanted to help me for helping me. I thanked him for that, and yes, he was totally sincere; but I insisted I get him something cuz I was getting something. He got a hot fudge sundae. I got one too, though I really hadn't planned on it.

Here's the cleared back part of new yard thanks to awesome excellent worker kid! There are huge honkin' bundles of bamboo in front of my house for trash pick up Monday. I also cut some lower tree branches later this afternoon. Those are what's on the ground in this pix.


From the other end.


And the 'kids zone'. Well also mine too. My next door neighbor also wants to sit back there. Fine with me.


And I will do another post with hood kid stuff, soon. This is the first free evening I've had all week. I am taking tomorrow off also to 'adult'. I had to apologize to my constant regular, who reminds me of Mackenzie at that age, for having to do adult things because I don't like to be an adult. Sometimes though, you have to be an adult. Booooo being an adult!!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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