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Blatherings, Candy Canes, and a Secret...

So this is confusing. No nazis on Aqueduct [street down from Merriman]? No nazis on the detour? Or just no nazis in general? I'd say the latter; but um, in this day and age, sadly, um, well, let's just hope they meant the latter.


My atypical allergic reaction to cottonwood happened a week early this year. Atypical allergic reaction means it's not a running nose, sneezing, etc, this totally mimics mono. The cottonwood has been more plentiful this year. Got antibiotics Friday and they should kick in hopefully SOON! I have never seen a cottonwood tree covered in fluff in person. Which is probably good, cuz that would really jack me up.

Hood kid words of wisdom: "No one my age [9] needs a iphone. We should be out playing, riding bikes, making up games, and not staring at a screen. My friend who has one thinks she's better than me but I feel sorry for her." EXTREMELY ASTUTE!! The kids sometimes have their mom's phone, but they just show me photos of their family, then put it down. I have taught them about Mr. Google and we refer to him to find out what a ground hog sounds like--we have some around here, never heard their sound aside from clacking teeth and the sound they make is NOT what I would expect!; info on dock--the weed, though you can eat parts of it; the weather; info on flowers; etc. Get the answer and they're done with Mr. Google and the phone.

One of the kids was munching on unripened mulberries. Dude, don't do that! They have a small mulberry tree in their back yard. I said let's go see if my big mulberry tree had any ripened ones and it had a few. There'll be a lot ripe this week and we're going to get as many as we can as apparently their mom uses mulberries in a dish to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

While studying the mulberry tree with a couple of the kids, studying as in determining the best way to harvest the ripened berries, one of the siblings was NOT having a good day. They weren't listening, as they usually do, about not climbing a ladder, or playing around cars in the driveway, was picking on their siblings horribly, and when I asked why they were in a bad mood she just screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". And then she kept doing that. As we left the backyard with her screaming her head off and not stopping no matter what her older sister was telling her in their native language, I saw one of my Christmas yard candy canes. Immediate flashback!

I use to chase misbehaving hood kids around with a candy cane years ago. Usually mostly Connor. I would only barely even touch them with the candy cane. It was very effective though. I grabbed the candy cane and told her, while she caught her breath from screaming, how I use to use it to make kids behave and she needed to stop screaming, picking on her siblings, or she'd get the cane. She started screaming again. I chased her. I think I only touched the hem of her dress. She said "I'm sorry I'm sorry". Okay, thank you, let's go sit down nicely. She did! I asked her again why she was having a bad day and she told me and we discussed that. She went and said sorry to her siblings. I did NOT ask her to do that, she did that on her own accord! Kids of course have their moments. They're kids. But she was really acting out horribly. The power of a candy cane! :D

Thursday a little before noon I went out to putter around and I texted my blimpologist friend that it was a nice day for the blimp to be flying around. He concurred and said he was going to the base in a little bit. I was taking photos of flowers, then, wait, what do I hear???? Switched to video, and here's a secret, I get a teeny tiny bit excited when the Goodyear blimp flies overhead. Just the littlest bit. That's a secret, don't tell anyone. No one around here knows. Except the neighbors who hear me proclaim BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And um, the kids who do blimp patrols, which is a valuable skill to have! I didn't put them on blimp patrol, they asked how to look for it, as they want to make sure they see it. These kids are always on their bikes. I said if I wasn't home and out on active patrol--which means I got a text telling me they were headed my way or I heard it approaching--I pointed out the directions they might come from. And the real important part that if you see the blimp going over close by to wave, cuz they can see you. They can.

BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I am this level excited on days the blimp comes over more than once. Every.single.time.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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