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10 weeks of summer...

...last day of school for majority of hood kids is tomorrow, some are already out--they went to different districts. Looked at calendar and starting with next week and until Kent State classes start, we have 10 weeks of summer. I said I had a plan for summer activities and they could tell me honestly how they felt about it. Basically there'll be 12-15 'big' things in a jar and one, sometimes two, can be done a week. This would be making slime, painting on my house, coke & mentos, etc as chalk, bubbles, nature stuff can be done any regular day. And to balance it out, there'd be a chore for them to do before the 'big' thing. Such as picking up sticks, sweeping the driveway--nothing major or difficult obviously. You know the scary thing? THEY DID NOT ARGUE OR WHINE ABOUT THAT! I got "You do work, then play." Then their siblings all agreed. Other hood kids from another household, also thought that was "fair".

The one who always wants help with math, others join in, they got lots of summer 'work' with addition and subtraction and I said I would correct their sheets. We're going to count them out and space them out over summer, once I find when their school start, probably last week of August. I'm making them flashcards for addition and subtraction, then their younger siblings can use them too. Today I helped with last minute writing--well printing--and they had a hard time spelling. They're bringing me their writing work from school tomorrow because "You'll help me learn to spell?" Yes, we will do spelling over the summer too. I want to see where they are school work level wise before I make up some spelling worksheets for them. I've helped with spelling before. Hood kids: the next generation!

Today I was learning phrases in another language. Actually I gotta find another site that plays audio for this language because on my phone I could only find one, and no, google translate wasn't one of them! Obviously kids were trying to teach ME something! Maybe I can learn more words in this language than in French! Cuz I only took about 8 years of French total and couldn't even make a complete sentence if my depended on it--in writing or verbally, nor understand it! Zero aptitude for French. Do have an aptitude for German. Kids do not speak German.

So aside from things I have to do and things I need to do and also things I want to do, add activity director, and summer tutor. I'm currently scouring craigslist, and sites like that, for soccer nets and/or a cricket bat. We have soccer players who want to practice across the street in the vacant lot. We also have cricket players but their bat was old and broke. Apparently there are cricket teams kids can join.

I need to get up early tomorrow and do a bunch of paperwork, print a bunch of stuff and get some official things sorted for school and other things. I am decreeing I am doing that tomorrow!!!! I have now jinxed that! Why do I do that? Ugh. Maybe, for once please, I can be proven wrong.

Approaching mid-June and I think this would be the 6th? year--if it happens--when I get that atypical allergic reaction that mimics mono due to tree pollen overload. Cottonwood is REALLY flying around. There are no cottonwood trees around here!! One hood kid was catching the puffs and bringing them to me and said they were "fairies". Very imaginative. We asked Mr. Google what a cottonwood tree looks like cuz we had no idea. The Chinese Sumac 2 doors down isn't flowering yet. That's what usually pushes me over the allergy edge. I already have a doctor's appointment next week, it's for my prolia injection; but also in case I'm sick and need antibiotics. Right now my throat is just raw. Usually it just hits me though, like getting hit with an invisible train.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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