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A H3N2 Spring Break

Spring break officially ends tonight. Ah, the grandiose plans I had to do homework, do some spring cleaning, and a couple days out and about. How.dare.I?! I got the absolute worst case of the flu of my life. Starting to cough a bit last Sunday so went and got Robitussin and OJ. Woke up Monday and wanted to die. Seriously. I have never ever ached all over like that before in my life---not even after the bestest mosh pit ever during Ministry at Lollipopooza '93. Plus I had a fever, my head hurt, it was hard to breath, coughing, watering eyes, I felt like I had run a marathon, and I hurt so much I seriously wanted to cry--but that would have HURT MORE.

Definitely don't fear the reaper, and side note, when I babysat around 1982 the people had a reel to reel player and all of BOC's stuff, plus REO Speedwagon, and Zepplin. I still want a reel to reel player.

I finally crawled out of bed Monday, started a bath, let the dogs out, fed them, filled one insulated thermoses with OJ, another with water, took some tylenol and robitussin, to no avail, and didn't die in the tub. Just went back to bed, but had a moment of clarity to send a message to my doctor asking if I could get some Tamiflu and listed my symptoms. Got up Tuesday and she had replied saying she'd sent the RX in and to start it STAT. Eddie got it for me. I swear that stuff saved my ass cuz I started to feel somewhat better in a couple days. I wanted to stave off secondary complications cuz I have a weakened immune system.

Messaging with my doctor Friday, she thinks I got nailed with the H3N2 virus that is widespread in the area, again, right now. How I bypassed it before I don't know but I'm glad about that!! I no longer ache all over but get fatigued very quick, I'm still congested and have chest congestion, my throat is still sore, still coughing, and apparently it'll take another week or so to get over this. I couldn't handle any school work til Thursday and that was just listening to a lecture. That wiped me out.

I MIGHT be able to get all the school work I wanted to get done before class on Tuesday. Have a couple more chapters to read in Legal Research, then have to transcribe that class' notes; then I wanted to start researching for my big legal brief due in that class. On April 17th. Damn you flu from fucking hell!!

I guess AT LEAST it's better, if I HAD to get this and I see no reason WHY I had to, I got it during spring break than a school week cuz I would have had to miss 2 days of classes and I do not like missing class, whether it's excused or not and I know these would have been.

It's suppose to be snowing outside right now, I don't see any. Yet Tuesday is suppose to be almost 70. Alrightie then!

One more prescription, possibly one other--depends if it'll be a difficult to transfer one or not---and I am DONE with Klein's!!! They did their final fuck up and an irrevocable breach of trust. D-O-N-E. I'll stop in Tuesday to get the one RX. Then have Giant Eagle transfer everything else; THEN have everything except my valium switched to mail order and I'll just use Giant Eagle for something written that day, ie: Tamiflu, etc and the aforementioned valium, as they can't send 3 month supplies of that in the mail.

More detail on Klein's fuck up in another post, as this has tired me and it's time to get ready for bed. Been sleeping 10-12 hours straight and usually this would piss me off; but I'm not letting it now, as obviously my body needs to evict the fucking H3N2 flu. I have never ever been this sick with anything and I never EVER want to be this sick again. Just fucking kill me, don't torture me! And that old adage, what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger...um, yeah. Didn't need this fortification though, thanks.


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