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Straight A Night Goblin

Let's see...schadenfreude first. I'm sick and feel like shit for starters. Had to miss classes yesterday due to feeling so shit like. Then BONUS! The night goblin paid me a visit and carved a rainbow shaped cut on my left cornea. The night goblin is a leprechaun? Decorating for St. Patrick's Day? Just leave a pot of gold please. Had to drop off prescriptions from my regular doctor then go out and see my eye doctor, then get an antibiotic ointment rx filled too. Hard to do diddly when you have one functioning eye. It's like there's no lens in the left side of my glasses. My eyes haven't been particularly dry lately either, so?? Night goblin, definitely the fucking little night goblin.

Haven't read 2 chapters in Labor and need to do that tomorrow, plus listen to the lectures, as I have a learning module due Wednesday. Missed the handout and explanation of an assignment in legal research and writing yesterday; but hopefully can go to the library Sunday to start that, as it was posted online and be close to finishing it. We're learning how to find codes, case law, etc in books instead of just online. That's due Wednesday too. This upcoming Tuesday's class is optional but she'll be in the library to answer questions we might have. I'm sure I'll have questions! Best to go Sunday if I can, as it'll be easier to park closer to the library than Monday. And not as busy.

Got my midterms graded and my midterm class grades. A's on my midterm exams and A's in my classes. Have a perfect score, so far, in Labor and Employment Law.

If your auto insurance keeps jacking up rates every renewal and tries to keep claiming "the cost of doing business in Ohio is increasing" tell 'em to fuck off! HAD Progressive insurance, but they jacked up my renewal $8 a month. Uh, haven't they paid to have a sports field called Progressive Field somewhere?? They have money to burn. I have a clean driving record. Called Huntington, my bank, as they offer insurance as a broker. Gave them my info, they have my car loan, so they had my car details. The guy said he'd call me back in like 30 minutes; but it was only about 2. He said with my driving record they had no problem finding me a cheaper insurance company. It's a 1 year policy, instead of 6 months, and it's even better coverage. AND....it's $15 less a month!! YEAH!!!!!!! Obviously not Progressive. It's a company that doesn't have a sports field named after them, and I don't even think they really advertise--not that I would be in a situation to see ads.

THEY had said we were to get up to 6 inches of snow over last night. So Eddie kindly came over and tossed salt on my back porch roof as I was incapable of that. That precautionary measure definitely prevented the first inch of snow from adhering. We only got 2 inches max. But we might get more soon, and it's going to remain cold, so I wanted to ensure the roof stayed as clear as possible. Damn flat roof!

And now we have fucking daylight savings time to fuck up our sleep. Can we STOP 'falling back'?? Stop playing games with the time thinking it saves energy? It's stupid and annoying and it takes people time to adjust.

I've been watching British real crime shows on youtube the past 2 days. About all I'm capable of doing. I'm NOT a patient patient!!! Will set my PC clock ahead tomorrow during the day, as that's the one I see most often, plus my watch, cuz bugger DST!! Alright, one more British real crime show before I go to bed.

There was more I was gonna post but it'll have to wait.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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