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...I got naught done today. Was about to get into the bath before a day of homework and logged into my bank account. Um, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! -$292 and there should have been around +$350 in there. There was a $326 charge at a bar in Canton called Jerzees and then $323 at the Hyatt Place in Canton. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I looked, lest I had dropped my card Friday and no, it was right here. I call Huntington and yes, of course, major panic attack as anyone would have. Was on phone with them about an hour doing the dispute and canceling the card. My money is tied up anywhere from 7-90 days. Oh fucking great. And yes, yes I will get bounce fees, but gosh, they'll get waived. Until then? Down the account balance will go.

My heart stopping image today. I went to Wendy's with Mackenzie Friday, same with my trip to BJ's and BJ's gas; but they didn't post til Monday. But the Hyatt was Saturday, found out as I say below and I'm assuming Jerzees was then too, as she said they came in looking like they'd been partying. Uh, I'll say. Who the fuck could spend that much at a bar?? I cannot even imagine. Mackenzie and I spent $9.14 at Wendy's for lunch, so you see we're big spenders.


Then I call the Hyatt cuz HOW THE FUCK do you rent a hotel room without the physical card?? Well, apparently you can reserve online and check IN online, but you have to show an ID to get the room key. Does the ID have to match the credit card? Nope. The lady I spoke with was very helpful though and looked up the charge. It was Saturday night and "Oh he was really nice!" That didn't make me feel better. Apparently when they checked out yesterday morning he tried to use one of the MANY credit cards in his wallet and it was denied so he said to just charge it to the card they reserved it under---MINE! She gave me her full name and said they have survelliance cameras facing the front desk, so he's on video. He was with a dark/auburn haired woman.

She found his name from when he booked it online, Robert Peters AND she said she had an address she would give to the police. While I still was talking to her, I put his name into the court records and ding ding ding ding, is his address 327 Montrose Avenue? "Uh, yes it is." Yeah, he has forgery, theft, and receiving stolen property charges, amongst a host of others.

Called Jerzees next. Called one in Akron by mistake as that was the first number google gave me. Manager told me that yes, they WOULD run a credit card number WITHOUT the physical card if the person had the expiration date and security code. So that's real fucking great. Go to Jerzees if you have a stolen credit card # on a slip paper and they'll run it. She said they DO denote if they manually type it in or not in the register and the manager at the Canton store would be able to tell me. And the Canton one had really good security cameras there. Alas, the manager wasn't in the Canton store today so I left a message.

Then I called the APD and they just took a cursory report because I'm in Akron and the charges were in Canton. They were reporting ID theft and I have to go see the prosecutor to get criminal charges. I HAVE THE STUPID MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING SON OF A BITCHING CUNT WHORE'S NAME AND ADDRESS!!! HE IS GETTING PROSECUTED!!!!!!!!!!!! He got the wrong chick's card number!!

Senior Detective Rice posits that there might have been a skimmer when I got gas Friday at BJ's. She might very well be right. I didn't have time to call them today; but I will tomorrow.

THEN Robert Covington and his drunk meth head girlfriend kicked Mackenzie out and Rob not only hit her, he said some horrible things to her. Rob is also totally off the wagon drinking like a fish again AND also doing meth. Mackenzie wants to go back to California. :(

I made a temporary FB account to leave Rob and Kris tidings of joy. I got blocked by them within a 30 minutes. Like a give a fuck??? Besides, mission accomplished!! If I ever see them at the Stow Walmart I'll go off on them in person. Yes, I'll video. Whatever Mackenzie wants to do I will support her decision. She had asked me to adopt her last week. I did tell her it was legal to adopt an adult and if she ever wanted me to adopt her, I would do that. Mackenzie is currently in a safe undisclosed location.

Here's what I posted to Rob, and background, Kris has numerous theft convictions, violates parole and then has to serve 30 days. She is currently ON parole, for theft, and is suppose to be drug/alcohol free and employed--hah! She lost custody of her minor child too. At the end of the day it's just really sad. How many times can you go to jail for theft and not have something sink in?? And the Derrick I refer to is Derrick Covington--in California, I believe Placer County, you can look him up---Rob's brother. Derrick is a registered for life sex offender because he keeps molesting young girls.


Kris' tidings of joy:


DO NOT FUCK WITH MY PEOPLE!!! And don't fuck with my bank card!!

I shall try again tomorrow.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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