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Ice school concert

So we did NOT get 6-10" of snow, praise Jack Lord for that!! We got about 5" I think. Got my car back around noon. Hadn't taken a bath yet, but was about too. Ran around the corner and got my car first. Then went out to a couple places. Going to Target it started to rain. Leaving Target it was still raining but getting colder rapidly. By the time I got across the street to Giant Eagle it was SLEETING. Parking lot was slippery. Just wanted to grab bananas but ended up with a basket full of stuff, as that's how those things work.

Walking out of Giant Eagle the sleet was coming down harder and it HURT. Car was starting to get ice covered. Drove the actual speed limit home, and even a bit below--I have a penchance for speed, but not with sleet! By the time I crossed Rte. 8 I was going 20 in a 35. When I got to my neighbors to cat sit, as I just pulled in their driveway, the sleet felt like little knives stabbing you. Their steps were ice covered. Everything was getting ice covered quite quickly. I kept my car running, lest it started to ice up more.

We got between 1/4-1/2" of ice in total. Then the snow. Eddie was snowblowerman the next day and finally got to play with his snow blower and was doing everyone's driveway and walkways. We got about 2 more inches yesterday.

I have my reading done for my 2 in-class classes this week and for my online class. Need to listen to the online class' lectures tomorrow and we get an assignment for that class posted tomorrow at 5pm, due next Wednesday at 5pm. Which I'll start probably tomorrow. My Family Law professor hasn't posted anything online, so I am assuming they'll just give out info Monday in class. I'm going to read chapter one prior to class though.

In my 2 classes today we just went over the syllabuses and introductions. Got out early of the second class if we were in the 1st one--same professor.

After Thursday's classes, I'll type up my shorthand notes over the weekend and do the following week's reading. I might do 'fuck all' a lot of times and do have the PhD in procrastination, but I try to stay on top of school work the best I can.

Got tickets to see Steely Dan this summer! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blossom pavilion seats. I could listen to this song on repeat for days on end---and I have before!

Doobie Brothers' appear to be the openers. Listen to the music we shall!


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