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Back to school I go!!

All system are go, so I'll post it now: I'm going back to school!! Getting my Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate at Kent State. Like I'd go to any other school?

Classes start this upcoming Tuesday. I'm taking 12 hours. 6 at Kent campus, 3 at Kent's Trumball campus, and one online class. Why Kent Trumball campus? Basically because I didn't want to take Estate and Probate Law and was more interested in Family Law which was only offered at the Trumball campus this semester. That class is just once a week, so the 2 hour [round trip] drive won't be that bad.

Aside from the aforementioned Family Law, I'm taking: Legal Writing and Research; Principles and Practice of Litigation; and Labor and Employment Law.

Wonderfully, a state agency is paying for my tuition, parking pass, and my books!! Isn't that fantastic?!

YEAH!!! I'm excited to start school!!


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Jan. 14th, 2018 02:30 am (UTC)
Congratulations! :)

What are you going to do with that certificate?
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