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Too many stops, Wendy's burnt

I've been places today. Lots of places.

Valium Dr. in Garfield Hts at 9:40am
Stow Vmac
Dollar General
Stopped at mechanics to check that I can still get my car worked on Friday--yes, they saved me a spot
Drop off at home of perishables
Giant Eagle

Got perishables and pertinent things out of car, rest can wait til tomorrow cuz the driveway is an ice rink; but tomorrow is suppose to be 60. Running the streets wasn't done though.

Took Minnow and Melon to spend the night at the vet so they can get dental surgery tomorrow. They were put in a big cage together for the night, of course tomorrow they'll have to be separated after surgery. The surgery release forms now have a 'do not resuscitate' thing you have to decide about. Uh??

Oh, let me call Eddie and see what he checked when Hades got fixed. He said he didn't get that. Well, they told me they've been doing that for at least the last 6 months. No, they didn't ask him, he didn't have that. Uh huh. So, he didn't pay attention. I'm sooooooooo not shocked!!

Tomorrow before I pick up Minnow and Melon--they are siblings, spawn of Skittles [I didn't name Skittles, she was Tammy's cat. I did name Minnow and Melon.]--I'm gonna stop at Klein's and pick up my filled Valium RX, then go to Home Depot, before I pick up the kitties.

When I got off Rte. 8 at Graham Road to go to Stow VMAC after the Dr. this morning, I saw a fire department pick up truck. I thought they were at the Speedway maybe testing pumps or something. Then I saw yellow tape. Then I saw Wendy's. WHAT.THE.FUCK.?! More pix from where I snagged this one. No cause of fire known yet.


One automatically 'thinks' a grease fire, but that place is totaled. How/why could that spread that fast?? At least no one was injured. Eddie suspects McDonald's across the street hired someone. He also suggested maybe Taco Bell around the corner. He obviously was joking. I agree with his theories.

I didn't want to go to so many places today but THEY are saying we might get up to a foot of snow Friday overnight, after up to a 1/4" of ice. I had planned to go out and about this weekend, but oh hell no!! I have things to do inside and shall work on them tomorrow to keep me busy til my two [well Skittles' technically, but I've been their acting 'mom' since they've been 2 months old and Skittles wants nothing to do with any other kitty, so she stays in here, puter room].

Friday I just have to take my car around the corner at 8am. If it's raining, it won't be sleet then, so that's fine to walk home in. It's suppose to start sleeting mid-afternoon Friday. I already alerted Eddie if that is the case I'll have him drive me around the corner to get my car. Not walking down there in sleet! Oh hell no!!

Totally exhausted. Hope my ice rink driveway melts early tomorrow so I can clean out my car, and also haul stuff out of my house up to the street cuz I'm having a large pick up Tuesday. It'll probably get buried in the snow!! Too bad, still happening. If need be, I'll put a marker of some kind on top 'stuff to throw out BELOW'.

Lots to do tomorrow, cuz I've done fuck all for too many days--I do that really well! :D Have JT on call in case we DO get that much snow cuz I sure ain't clearing the back porch roof of snow!! Also have things to do. I'll make another post for that! :D


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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