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This and that...

...busy stitching, well obviously not right now, done for the night as I'm tired and that's when you're apt to make errors. Had to rework a portion of the pattern I made before I started stitching that area today.

Had a doctor appointment today. My doctor told me, while we were discussing something, "You're becoming more profound with age." We both sort of found that frightening and slightly bemusing. Mostly frightening.

Picked up my glasses from VMAC after the doctor. Got a pair with my newest RX---just got left lens replaced in them; as the ones I'm wearing are my old RX from like 4 years ago and my left eye changed a bit. Also got bifocals, which I've never had before, but I'm sick and fucking tired of lifting my glasses up, or taking them off, to see well close up as I have 20/20 vision close up. Plus, prescription sunglasses and FUCK YES!!! It was sooooooooooo fucking awesome to drive home on the highway with SUNGLASSES!!!! Prescription sunglasses are expensive too!! I need to love these, not squeeze them, and name them George. Though they have a 1 year guarantee no matter the circumstance of the disaster. Still though, I don't want to have to use that. Sunglasses actually, now that I think of it, cost more than that other 2 combined. Fucking worth it!!! Totally fucking worth it!! Suppose to start the bifocals in the morning since I had been up so long by the time I got there today. Okie doke.

Needed to stop at a Giant Eagle but Melon is ill and I didn't want to be out longer than necessary so I went to the one by Montrose VMAC and damn is that a weird one. All the carts are outside, then they don't have standing freezers--like with doors you open; the freezers are waist high and open. So you have to sort of wander around all these open freezer aisles looking for what you want. Thought of going down about a mile to the jewish Giant Eagle in Fairlawn but wanted to get home to Melon and the Montrose one is close to the highway. Why call it the jewish one? Cuz they sell a lot of jewish food items, as they are catering to the neighborhood. Good marketing on Giant Eagle's part. The Marc's around the corner from that Giant Eagle sells a lot of jewish food too. Sort of like the Save A Lot up the street here is the mexican Save A Lot, as spanish the predominate language and there's a lot of mexican food. I noticed the Montrose GE had Vegan/Vegetarian stuff marked really clearly, which the Howe Ave GE--one I go to usually---doesn't do. That would be a 'Montrose' neighborhood thing. Pay attention to how a store is slightly different in different cities/areas. Or not. I'm just observant and can't turn that off.

Melon went to the vet yesterday as her virus, which they can't do anything about, turned into an upper respiratory infection. Poor girl has a right nostril snot faucet and no appetite. She got an antibiotic injection, and IV fluids. Lungs sounded clear, so it's all upper. Not much appetite today, though she did slowly finish a 'lickable treat' pouch when I got home with a huge selection of them. At bedtime I'm gonna run one under warm water to maybe make it more appetizing for her. Windsor was being a good friend and hung out with her next to the bathroom register on her fleece blanket but his back is covered in her snot. No good deed goes unpunished. Or something.

Someone should be here tomorrow to clear off my back porch roof cuz I am DONE doing that shit. I did it the other day when we just had like 3" of snow, since then we've gotten at least 6" more. I got totally frozen and almost fell off the step ladder next to the gutter downspout several times. Then there's the 16' extension ladder against the porch I have to climb to clear off snow then toss on calcium chloride on the roof then into the gutters. It's fucking ridiculous and I no longer buy nor accept the theory that heat from the pantry makes the snow melt on the roof above and cause an ice dam because the pantry is ICE COLD. I have blankets in front of the pantry door and had a bag of potatoes on a shelf in front of the pantry door in the kitchen and the ones up against that door FROZE. Ice dams were forming above the back porch too, and that rules out 'warmth from below' as there is none. So no. Fuck you J Russell. Double fuck you for not telling me ice dams would continue to form and instead making a big deal, and big charge, about adding an ice dam guard to the roof when it was rebuilt.

Obviously J Russell is not coming out tomorrow. I want the place coming out tomorrow to clear it and then make arrangements with them to come out and clear it whenever we get like 4"+ of snow. Like a snow plow service, but for my roof. And then in the spring figure out how to prevent this shit! I still think it goes back to gutters. Most houses around here have flat back porch roofs, so that's not an anomaly for my house. Maybe I need to research how back gutters were placed on a 1926 bungalow style house. Yeah, thinkering while blogging, think I will try to find something out along those lines. There has to be books or something. Will add to my 'to do' list.

Big cross stitch project is 67% finished, then need to do medium project---by I'd say Wednesday next week. HAHA! Also have one mission I must complete for something I'll announce when all things are in place; then one other thing to do to get something else done. THEN I need to work in 3 rooms of my house. Kitchen, bedroom, and in here. Have a timeline too, cuz of what I'm not saying right now, though if you know me I will tell me. Just contact me however you usually do.

Got one of those ninja auto IQ systems. Think I'll try the pad thai recipe first, that sounds really good. And I got magnet bracelets. Maybe it IS a placebo affect, but magnets help me. Now if I could get a MRI every couple months that would be fanfuckingtastic. I seriously wanna volunteer to be a MRI test subject for training MRI techs. I'd need no compensation at all! I uh, really enjoy MRIs. They alleviate pain, anxiety, and make me feel 'well'. No, I'm not wired right. Magnets worked for a grandmother and great-aunt, might be hereditary? Like no grey hair yet? A great-aunt never had grey hair and no, she didn't dye it.

Alright, not that much this and that cuz my mind is wandering. Subscribed to the New Yorker and got my first issue today in the mail, so I'm gonna read that til bedtime.


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