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Magical Mystery Tours

Oh the camera is next to me yet looks like it weighs a ton so I can't get the memory card out at the moment. Besides I'd have to move from my comfy contorted position. Stitch free evening as I got my right arm aching yesterday cross stitching on perforated paper. The worst part of it is having to pull the floss all the way through--that's what killed my arm, whereas if you're stitching on fabric, it's all scrunched up and you don't have to pull the floss as far. Perforated paper you cannot scrunch. Easy to stitch on though. Two other worst parts of stitching on perforated paper: 1. keeping the back neat and 2. cutting out what you stitched. Haven't got that far to cut out yet. Worked a bit on my big project today and will get back to perforated paper once that, a small project, and a medium project are done.

Soooooo lots of magical mystery tours. My google map stalker is disappointing me cuz they aren't listing everywhere I've been and I've been places man. Before I go thru my magical mystery tours, I got Pan a new outdoor squeaky ball last week, that I'll be bringing in probably tomorrow as I think a heavy frost would kill it--and I'm also gonna try to find her a red squeaky ball, as that has the heft and grippage that makes it great for outdoor fetch. I ordered her one on amazon but they sent me a 6" one when the description said it was 4", she tried and tried and DID pick it up but it was difficult and she couldn't make it squeak. Amazon refunded my money and said I didn't have to send it back, so I took it over for Hammie. I'll look in a couple stores for the red ball of obsession and if that fails I found a properly described one on amazon.

If you want to see what Poli is really like, skip to like the 5 minute mark where I put the camera on the table and you see her be a jumping bean, which is her usual self. She also had mild Picasso face that day. Some days it's worse. I'll get to that below somewhere.

First magical mystery tour was Wednesday. 7 stops. First was BJ's. Then next door to Giant Eagle to get gift cards, cuz they had double points towards cents off gas with gift card purchases. Slight kerfluffle with my bank card. Said denied. WHAT?! Tried again. Denied again. DAFUQ?! You know every cashier has heard "there's money there!" I try it as a debit, and it went thru. Uh, dafuq?! Get to the car and call them. Well security put a hold on my account cuz I had spent so much at BJ's and it wasn't my normal shopping pattern. And yet did security call me? Email me? NO! Did I not have the money in my account? Yes. So??? They removed the hold. I get cash back if I use it as a credit, not as a debit, so obviously I prefer to use it as that.

That cleared up I went across the street to Target. Was looking to see if they had a Grinch ornament as they usually do. They didn't have any in stock and their Christmas area was a disaster. Got a few things there, then proceeded up to Hudson to go to JoAnn Fabrics. I was in there an hour and a half. Thought it would be totally nuts and crowded in there but nope! VERY nice!! Also while in there I got a phone call about my flaming hoop act and was told the absolute correct information, no contortions, no flaming hoops, just one more form. One I had never heard of before.

Back down Route 8 to Stow VMAC, Krieger's--where I went in for 5 things on my list and came out with 4 grocery bags full, no idea how that happened!! Then to Pet Supplies Plus where they had a $5 off a $30 purchase and I got a thrilling purchase!! A dog poop scooper that is tall enough I don't have to bend or stoop at all. Probably helps that I'm short. [Side note, used it today and it was great!! Nature's Miracle Jumbo one].

Thursday I went back out for another magical mystery tour. My first stop was to do the required form and nope, not saying a word yet about that--if you know me personally I of course will tell you, email me, call/text, DM, etc. Then I went to the Stow Target to see if they had a Grinch ornament and YES!! they did! Only one left. Hit up Goodwill next. It was suppose to rain, THEY said afternoon. Well, 12:01 it started to pour! Technically after noon.

Left Goodwill--lots of blankets for the critters and I got an awesome sweatshirt--and my driver side windshield wiper is jiggling. Cuz OF COURSE IT IS. So I go to Autozone. Ask if that's the wiper or arm. Oh it's the wiper. Now, I'm the queen of driver side windshield wiper fuck ups, having obviously highly offended the driver side windshield wiper god in a previously life; but I have NEVER had this problem before. It was still wiping fine. But I get a new wiper. The guy puts it on in the pouring rain. BREAKS MY OLD ONE IN HALF---before I could say I was going to keep it---then tells me to try my wipers. Still jiggling. Oh that's your arm that'll need tightening or replaced. And you fucking broke my old wiper, and said it WAS the wiper and now you do this shit? Just to get a sale? You don't think I see your name tag and know how to contact cooperate dickweed? [Side note: I've no doubt I'd need a new wiper this winter, and I could understand if they didn't know if it wasn't the wiper or arm; but he said it was the wiper. Fucking prick. Yes, I sent cooperate a pithy email.]

Left there annoyed, then continued my last 2 stops of the day. Dollar Tree and then Dollar General. By the time I got up here, having had to change my socks as my feet had got soaked by stepping in a puddle, it had stopped raining for the day. Eyeroll.

Friday, back out again. Oh wait, land of misfit toy side note but I have to get a pix off my camera and oh fuck it, that can wait. Panacea had an appointment for her vaccines. Discussed Poliahu's facial drooping and that's just the nerve damage with the facial paralysis. What the doctor doesn't understand though is why her facial drooping is so cyclic. One day her face is at her 'new normal', as her left side does has facial paralysis that you can see; but then the next she's a Picasso face as her left side around her eye is drooping so much. Then the next day--or even later the same day---it'll be back to her 'new normal'. For now, we're attributing that to the fact she's my dog. Cuz if a cat or dog is gonna have something weird, odds are they reside [or resided, RIP] here.

Brought Pan home then ran some more errands. Back to dollar general for a couple things I forgot, then klein's, and giant eagle. Thanks to all the gift card points I had I filled my gas tank for $4.56. Then the post office to get stamps. So I pick out some neat looking stamps. The guy behind the counter asks if my hands are warm. Uh, no. He puts them between his hands and they change! Most awesome stamps ever!!!. No, no it doesn't take much. Came home and I've been HOME since then.

Back out tomorrow and I need to make a list with a direct route of where I'm stopping in what order. Have a meeting and I want to do that last, so I need to figure out my stops, time, etc. I'm also finally getting bifocals since I'll be out that way tomorrow. Hopefully VMAC has some decent $9 frames. If they have some decent cheap sunglasses frames I'll get a pair of RX [non-bifocal] glasses. Since I can't wear contacts anymore :( and have to remain nerd girl from beyond forever more it seems.

Plan on hitting up Pet Supplies Plus to see if they have that red ball [Eddie got it there or VMAC, as Pan has Hammie's hand me down squeakerless red nerf dog ball]; Dollar General; Kleins and shit, I can't go there first if they have my prolia ready cuz that has to be refrigerated. Just realized that. Maybe I'll ask them to hold on to it. My doctor appointment is next week anyway. I hate those shots, hurt like fucking hell and burn for days afterwards. Dollar Tree; and I think I'll be good. Of course obviously VMAC. Glasses and then over to pets to look for the red ball of power.

And I have no clue why LJ has made blog fonts smaller, just noticed that. I'm gonna see if there's a setting or something I can fiddle with.


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