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No, no I haven't posted my 2 blimp pix and of course accompanying commentary. Things have been, um, weird? That's 'normal', right, so weirder? I'm pretty drained today so no blimps this evening. I mean, the typing, plus my camera is like 6" from me and I have to pick it up, take out the memory card, go thru pix, and gosh that's just EFFORT. Effort and energy has drained away and been replaced with inertia.

I could vent about my two diametrically opposed phone calls today but that would reveal somethings I don't wish to at the moment. Only when things are set up will I do so and heads up trolly ann, you're gonna be PISSED! Today's calls, for now, deviated from at 9am-ish me having to do gymnastics thru flaming hoops. Then when I called back around 3pm to ask about proper contortionism, hold on, no, I'm seeing you don't have to do a flaming hoop act. Wait, what? That's great, but what? Hold on. There's a comment in the system, you're all set. If you have to do gymnastics we'll send you an email but it doesn't look like it. Wow, thanks. Until I get confirmation that things are 'clear' [without any Scientology magic] I guess I should start limbering up, to be prepared.

Pix I have access to from my phone, are my hooligans.

Panacea at the vet for an ear infection. Totally healed now.


Poliahu also at the vet, different trip, for her vaccines and an eye issue. She's such a total wiggle butt it's hard to get a pic of her so this was a great opportunity. Her eye issue, the eye in the shadow, is related to her facial paralysis. It appears her eye isn't closing all the way at night, so she wakes up with her left eye being all squinty but after a couple hours it's back to it's new 'normal'. Her left side of her face is slightly droopy but her eye looks smaller. She can blink with it, but it's not shutting fully over night. So we struggle with ointment at bedtime. She does NOT like it, so we struggle until Pan gets fed up waiting for bedtime treats and helps corrals her in while I'm trying to hold her still.


I had a concern about her possibly having vertigo after our vet trip but thankfully she did not. YEAH!!! Don't want her walking like a drunk again, that was just pathetic, though she kept happily wagging her tail.

No cross stitching was done today and fffffuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk cuz I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire I'm maybe? 1/2 way thru a bigger sized project I wanna give as a christmas gift, then I have, I think, 5 other things to make. Which, of course, I haven't start yet. But hey! One required a pattern and I've made that!! The bigger sized project required me to make the pattern too. I do this to myself. I dunno why.

I'm too tired and drained to stitch anything tonight. Maybe I'll dig out some other floss colors I need. That sounds semi-productive and I might be able to handle that, before it's time to crawl into bed.

Tomorrow when I get up I'm gonna try to conquer part of my email inbox. Did I just jinx it? Hope not. Have to be able to start making daily plans and not having things bugger 'em up. Life happens, of course, but damn, does it happen a lot around here. What should I expect from the Land of Misfit Toys? If I owe you an email you can always phone or text me--not fond of texting but I will a bit, also think I have skype have to check. Of course I dunno who has my latest phone # cuz gosh I had one # for 16 years, now I've had 3 or 4 since then. Ridiculous.

Yeah! I procrastinated hitting 'post' cuz I got occupied in another tab and I found my floss except one color. I can get ready for bed soon. I shall try again tomorrow.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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