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Land of Misfit Toys Thanksgiving

No buffay this year. Stayed in the Land of Misfit Toys and went to over to the couple I cat sit for. I brought the pie, cool whip, and made rolls; Eddie brought turkey, stuffing, and gravy; and they made sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rutabaga & turnip mash, salad with lots of different greens with apple and black olives topped with walnuts and feta, homemade cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, and lemon bars.


One must have the same portion of cool whip as pumpkin pie. Think it's a law or something.


Food comas were had by all!!

And yes, yes I am aware I haven't blogged in awhile and of course I have plenty to blog about! I'll eventually get on a blogging spree.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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