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Phone calls with Edward

EDWARD has called me TWICE today and the last one was PAINFUL!!!! First, was the program to save battery life turning off the music playing on his phone? [since he's using the phone as he's computer is no go--the battery needs replaced, that hell will be done in a few days, it's an internal battery so please pray/send good thoughts to my friend who's going to do that for him] I DO NOT KNOW--TRY IT!

Second call

What's my yahoo password?
I dunno
It won't let me in
Isn't it _____________?
I have no fucking clue
Don't you check my email
At times yes
On your phone?
Oh fuck no, not your mail
You check mail though
MY gmail account
It said it went to gmail when I didn't know it
It switched to gmail when I didn't know my password
What do you mean?
Yahoo switched to gmail when I didn't know my password
You said that, that's impossible
They asked if I had access to your email but I don't
JFC they sent a code to me, that's NOT SWITCHING TO GMAIL!!
Same difference
NO IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[I look and there IS a code but it's expired, so I log in to his yahoo mail and change the fucking password for him]
I've changed your email password to what you thought it was
What was it before?
I have no fucking idea
How do I get access to your gmail?
You have access to ME, for now, so therefore you have access to it. Did the password work?
Let me try
[jeopardy music]
I don't like how yahoo looks on my phone
IDGAF did the password work?
Yes, I'm in it
Fine, I'm out [click]


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Oct. 14th, 2017 09:47 pm (UTC)
I always love your conversations with him about technical stuff! He sounds just like Steve....except Steve doesn't own a computer or a smartphone or anything technical! so I should say it sounds like Steve whenever he wants me to do something for him on the internet!
( 1 Spoke their peace — Speak your peace )


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