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And it continues....

I was trying to enjoy my evening cup of cocoa when I got the grinch ring tone of doom. It was an amazon question. No, no Edward still has not mastered amazon. It was also being asked while the hurricane kids were there. My throat is killing me---I don't have strep throat, I have...tonsil stones! So Edward was trying to SEARCH ON AMAZON. I had to stop what I was doing--I was doing something else aside from drinking my cocoa, find what the fuck he wanted, and since I had emailed that to him at the beginning of July, I resent that email and then sent him a new one with that link. He has a habit of 'not' receiving my emails. It's more like he doesn't see them.

Then trying to say ANYTHING is next to impossible with kids and dogs. My head didn't hurt before, it does now. FFS.

Anyway, left doctor's office--oh she enjoyed the rat killing video--stopped at Giant Eagle and crossed Rte 8 to our section of Tallmadge avenue being a new layer of hell. For reasons only known to who?, Tallmadge is a 4 lane road until you NOW come to a section between Rte 8 and North Main where it's now 3, cuz fuck us? Dunno. It's stupid as fuck and traffic was already backed up really bad tonight.

The lines hadn't been painted on when I left but had been when I returned. Went to make a left onto Robinette and the dumb fucks put a traffic cone right smack in the middle where you'd be turning onto Robinette. Had to make basically a U-turn a little further down to get onto my street. They had the cones fine for Columbia (street before me). So I parked my car and marched down and moved the fucking cone. I have the camera facing up a bit cuz neighbors were at the stop sign and I'm respecting their privacy.

Later on the roof dogs were out again and I went upstairs to get a good view of them. As I say in the video, they've been out before--even in the rain---with the window shut; so um, hey, okie doke the window was open? Don't let your dogs out on a roof like that! They have a huge back yard, fenced in. Makes zero sense. Oh wait, this is the land of misfit toys. Alrightie then.

Have a call into the vet cuz Poli's mouth is starting to droop again. She's been itching her ears, shaking her head about 4 days now, and I noticed yesterday it looked like her mouth was starting to droop a bit. It is. So her facial paralysis is coming back. NO wobbliness YET walking. Head's a little more tilted walking though. She was on that antibiotic for 3 weeks, I think she needs more. She's been off it a little over a week now. It made a WORLD of difference. So I don't think she has a tumor or anything cuz of the response to the antibiotic. I think she just needs a longer course of antibiotics. And of course they're expensive antibiotics. Cuz OF COURSE.

I need to block amazon from Edward's computer. I DID mention tonight "Remember when you asked me if you'd be approved for an amazon card if you applied?" and YES!!! He did remember that! That was a pure hell call. I need to get those phone calls with Edward more accessible.

Right now I am gonna tally contest finalists for Vintage Ads cuz I'm woefully behind, then I'm gonna chill the fuck out. And type up a 3 day notice for my tonsil stones to GTFO before I file for an eviction. DAMN, I'd rather have strep throat!!!!


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