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Mail call!

I got this fucking fear mongering political mailer the other day about how nuclear plants are clean, safe, and essentially if you don't vote for some particular bill in Ohio you let the terrorists win. No, no mention of terrorists, but if you aren't FOR nuclear power, why you've got to be EVIL!

Hi! I'm OEvilOne!!

The dumb fucks included a returned postage paid postcard which I defaced and sent back on their dime and I sent them an email too. They have no dox on their website for their alleged claims, and I know from the news the one Ohio nuke plant isn't in good shape and FirstEnergy is trying to get hundreds of millions from us to fix it up. CLOSE IT DOWN. I really think this group is a FirstEnergy front.

My email:

I don't know how/why I got one of your mailers; but I want removed from your mailing list. I don't support nuclear energy AT ALL. You also probably spent more money on marketing than accumulating documentation to prove the statistics you toss out because you don't give info on where to find those statistics. I don't believe the jobs or money claims. I also think this is a front group for FirstEnergy to get them more support/cash for their failing nuke plants.

Nuke plants need to be SHUT DOWN. I grew up close enough to one in another state where we'd get the warning book every year and the schools had regular nuclear plant drills. That plant is being closed because it is unsafe and had been for quite some time.

Your propaganda mailer makes me want to build an alter to Centralia, as it must make your little snowflake hearts cry to know that fire is still burning. IMAGINE A NUKE DISASTER! There was one in Russia within our lifetime and they are still dealing with horrible physical issues.

Disgusted by your audacious lying glowing green colored mailer (you should have included a 3 eyed fish on it, you could have got a point for that),

Miss Tia
571 Robinette Ct
Akron, OH 44310

(Yes, I'm a registered democrat. I want off the democrat mailing lists and had thought I had succeeded.)


Yeah, I'm trying to get off all the fucking democrat mailing lists cuz I end up getting shit like that. Also, I'm still pissed at the DNC for their shenanigans and all in all the democratic party seems to have truly lost their way. ANYFEARMONGER, here's the post card I sent back.

I bet FirstEnergy HAS donated generously to her!! And I won't vote for someone who runs for their father's seat. A political seat isn't a 'legacy'. Though unfortunately it happens far too oft. Well, I'm not gonna cast a vote towards it.


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