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Eddie calls me and tells me his neighbors have had another car vandalized. Apparently an ex-girl friend wants a DNA test? As all the car vandalism is DNA, squiggles, and DNA. This is the 3rd car she's vandalized.



When I went over to snap a few picks of this, one of the Nepalese who live at the corner (Tammy's old house) came out and was talking to me. We were staring at the car's 'paint job' and they summed it up quite well "That's just stupid." Indeed it is. We discussed the eclipse and he wondered if I had got any photos of it and no, we could see it if we squinted but no pix. They said they thought it funny when I sometimes put a tripod in the middle of the street to take photos of the full moon. Haven't done that in awhile, but yeah, I've done it. It's a good place to take a pix and then it attracts traffic!

They took off and I noticed the vacant house across from Eddie's [actually that includes a whole separate post, that house, and that will include the temporary neighbor here known as Carrot Head, who's being evicted from Wendy's former place tomorrow] the living room window was open just a smidge. Enough that someone could open it and get inside. I called the number of the management company--sign in window---to report this and also saw a window in the back had been removed. They seemed sort of 'meh' about it; so I went in and fired off a quick email to the company, the insurance adjuster [for that company, yeah that'll be in the house/carrot head post], and the APD.

Stayed in for a bit, then came back out and wandered over to Eddie's where he's assembled whom we're gonna call the 'hurricane kids' as they mostly have names of well known hurricanes. I also make it a practice to not name chirruns here, or picture them. The hurricane kids like playing with the dogs. One of them is from 4 blocks away, but if one of the other kids isn't going that way when they leave, Eddie will walk the dogs that way. He also wanted to introduce himself to their parental unit, and give them his address and phone number.

So I'm there a bit on the porch, and am getting ready to go home--3 kids and 3 dogs on a porch is way too much activity for me! When here comes a police car that stops in front of the house across from Eddie's. Damn, quick!! I had sent that email just a few hours prior!

Went over and was talking to the officer and as Eddie and I had theorized, it didn't look like kids were going in there to hang out and party, as no beer bottles, spray paint, etc was visible. The officer denoted it looked like someone could be squatting, they saw paper plates and plastic cups in a corner. We have a theory of who it could be.

The officer goes on the front porch to call the same number I did to try to get them out to board it up VERY securely, and we were discussing carrot head, and suddenly BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started to laugh and said "Never boring around here." He agreed and went to see where it came from and what it was. Well, a juvenile thought it would be a great time to set off a firework. A very very VERY loud one. Officer was up there awhile, then came back down, called the place and it was suppose to be boarded up within 14-24 hours. I dunno if it got boarded up today or not, I know that's in the 24 hour perimeters, but it was after 4pm at this point, so I honestly would give them til tomorrow.

Officer sits in his cruiser typing up reports and carrot head is being driven to his 'til tomorrow morning' house and the car up the street it goes, with carrot head ducking in the back. Couldn't stop at the house cuz he has an active warrant. I didn't previously blog about carrot head because I didn't want to jeopardize any criminal charges he's facing. Don't think carrot head came back at all last night.

When I had the dogs out yesterday afternoon Poli was full of beans again, as she's been the past few days. Back to jumping straight up at me, charging around. Am only concerned she's itching at an ear again. Her ear is totally clean; but I'm worried about inner ear. She's been off the antibiotic a week now and was on it 3 weeks. That made a world of difference. I know before, she had been scratching her ear a lot--til she had facial paralysis. I'll just keep a close eye on her; but it's hard to get a good look at her, she's such a wiggle butt! Pan's skin is MUCH much better, with all her medications and she is feeling much better.

There's more neighborhood stuff to write about, but I am ALMOST finished with a cross stitch project, have a few things to do, have a doctor's appointment tomorrow AM (bonus schadenfreude, I think I have strep throat), and also tomorrow morning before my appointment, have to coordinate some work. THEN I'll finish my cross stitching tomorrow, wash it, have it dry, iron it, frame it Friday morning and take it to a city office to be given to the recipient. No, I won't post a photo until I know they get it. But I'll say that it's 18ct fabric and I'm using gold metallic thread. I thought 16ct and gold metallic was bad! I know, I did it to myself.

Oh today we just had the roof dogs. Yes, dogs on a roof. People put them out the 2nd floor window onto the flattish 1st floor roof, no railing, for hours at a time. They can't get back in until the window is opened. Why I have no idea cuz they have a big fenced in back yard. These are big dogs too. So yeah, walk out and the roof dogs started barking. Wait, I asked Rocky to help with something today, so we had that too. I'll get to that later, but it involves the rat situation and how the county and city departments won't work together and it seems impossible to get anyone to do anything! THEY WILL DO SOMETHING!!! If we have to start saving dead rats and send photos of the pile growing larger, dammit WE WILL DO SO!!

We might be the land of misfit toys, but we will work together to get things done, and we watch out to keep our land safe from dangerous misfits! (And as always, not everyone here is a misfit).

I have comments and emails to get to, and I foresee that happening tomorrow. Yes, for real. Well, current ones!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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