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Typical day in the Land of Misfit Toys

Was going to write up about my Saturday (previous to this past one) but I stood up too much today and want to go lay down. So you can read about today! Just a typical day in the land of misfit toys.

So early this afternoon I went to sit on my bench and Tim came over saying there was a rat under the car. WHAT?! Hold on, let me get my proven rat killing kit: golf club and baseball bat (used at Wendy's previously and I have a lot of golf clubs, so now a designated rat one). I looked at the rat under the car and it hadn't been attacked by anything, it was very very diseased.

I think he worked thru some issues here, but ultimately it was a really diseased rat and had to go to the great cheese wheel in the sky.


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Aug. 29th, 2017 01:28 am (UTC)
I know I should do a post about my thrilling day, because I had been without a refrigerator for over a week, and today my new refrigerator was delivered.

I'm happier than I probably should be about a damn refrigerator, but when you're without a refrigerator in the summer, you really miss it. Trust me—like every minute this past week I found myself thinking about the rotting food I had put aside instead of throwing out in case I got a new fridge any time soon.

As it is, it was delivered Friday morning, and I wasn't home to receive it because they hadn't called the day before. (Their excuse: they didn't have my cell number—but I also hadn't received a message from them on my home phone.)

So for right now, I'm happy, deliriously happy—we'll see how long that lasts.
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