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Driving day hell.....

This is from, um, 2 or 3 Saturdays ago. Last time I went down near Columbus. I can't be bothered to look on my blog to see what day I posted I drove 5 1/2 hours, but it's that day. So...I took 71 instead of 77 to 70 because 1. it saved 30 miles and I was low on gas and 2. it saved like 15 minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Instead of 2 hours 5 minutes it took 3 1/2!

My first sign that I wasn't in Kansas anymore was when traffic went to one lane due to construction, hey that happens, but THIS truck was in front---no other vehicles in front of it--and the speed limit was 55 but they were going 35! Took 20 minutes to go 6 miles. Part of me was getting pissed but then part of me was sort of okay, cuz if they slammed on their brakes, um? How secure were those pipes?


Then, since I left that other 4 letter state Iowa, this was the first time I had seen a military convoy. Seriously!! Almost 30 years! Would see 'em all the time in Iowa. I saw TEN DIFFERENT ONES along 71. DAFUQ?!?! I almost pulled over to check twitter to see if war had been declared or something.


So google maps told me to TURN RIGHT at this one exit and I'd be on E. Broad. I turn right, see a street sign and confirm it's E. Broad. Suppose to go 6 miles. It gets more residential whereas I should be out sort of in the boondocks. Saw the Columbus Country Club.


Continuing on, passed some beautiful homes, and oh look, I'm almost in downtown Columbus. So I pull over and call my friend and yeah, google maps fucked up, I should have turned LEFT. Had to go back down E. Broad, which STAYED E. Broad on the other side (weird) and got to watch airplanes swoop down over traffic landing at the airport. Left my house at 9:30, got there at 1pm.


Hot, humid, storms approaching. My friend and others took loads to the new place and I stayed at the old place packing stuff. I'd take occasional breaks and I went out front and someone was blasting Francis Scott Key. Then it went into a Beastie Boys songs. Alrightie then. Another time outside an elderly man was on his cell phone, speakerphone, discussing his wife having "green bowel" the past week, and no, they hadn't gone to the doctor, is "green bowel bad"? The woman he was talking to said "That doesn't sound good." I wanted to interject "DUDE!!! Unless she's just eating spinach get her ass--literally and figuratively--to the doctor!"

Being in a rather rural area, with pockets of developments, it was interesting watching one side get severe storms and then one area just be sunny as can be. I got to see where the rainbow ends too.


Driving home I took 70 to 77, cuz FUCK 71!!! Had to make a diversion to south Zanesville. Not only does Zanesville have a Rte 666, they have a Rte 555!! No, no it does not take much to amuse me.


How many people get confused here??


So if they weren't show cattle you shouldn't show caution?? Never seen anything like that before, hence pix.


Then since I was getting tired, as it had been a long hot humid back hurting day, I phoned Edward when I was about hour away from home. I passed a sign saying 50 minutes to Akron. I got to the outskirts of Canton, we were talking about the football hall of fame--which I should have been passing in about 10 minutes---and then suddenly, in 20 minutes I'm IN AKRON. I asked Eddie to look at his phone for phone call length as I didn't want to do that while driving--hey, I'll fiddle with my camera, not phone. We had been talking 25 minutes. Um??? I told him where I was, approaching the Rte 8 exit on 77 and he asked how I got there and I said I had no fucking idea. I didn't pass the football hall of fame, none of the usual things in Canton, NADA. I was driving 65mph too!

Worm hole? Black hole? Time vortex? No idea. But I was grateful to whatever it was for getting me home quicker!!!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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