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Things on the road....again....

Back down towards Columbus yesterday. Stopped at a different rest stop. This one was before the 'Blue Star Highway' one.


This one even had a history lesson too!




A RV hauling a mini-van that was carrying a mobility scooter.


Vintage truck from 1961. They drove like it was 1961 too, going 35 in a 55 zone.


I wonder what they do for Tomato Festival. Throw tomatoes at each other? Showcase the many different ways you can cook/prepare tomatoes? I also like the 'cigarette butts are litter' sign, cuz yes, yes they are. And no area code on that sign to report littering? Sort of weird, cuz local calls require an area code now. Hmmm.....


I got the Rushing Wind Biker Church sign!!!


Now we know I have math issues due to being a Kent State grad, but I think figuring out mpg is a different kind of math hell. I had a full tank of gas when I left from there. The car gauge that tells me my mile range said I had 448 miles. The trip was 145 miles (one way). When I got home, I checked the mile range again and it said I had a range of 358 miles. Um?? My miles driven gauge shows I drove 147 miles. I'm certainly not complaining about my gas mileage but DAFUQ?!?!

Due to the house my friend is moving to not being ready until Tuesday, she got a reprieve til Wednesday to finish getting out. Suffice to say I'd have to be really really stupid to drive 4 1/2 hours round trip to go down again.

Hi, my name is really really stupid! No, I don't mind driving down there. I do need to start back home before 7:30pm though as I was tired last night. I also seem to be the only reliable person they have to help them. Several people down there had said they would help, then never materialized. Helpful hint: if you really don't want to help someone pack, then don't say you'll help them and then not show up, just say no, it's okay.

Best go start laundry and get some things done around here today.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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