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Things on the road....

I really should be replying to an email from a friend about going to the zoo next weekend, but um, yeah, here I am. Went back down to play personal mover last Saturday. It was football hall of fame weekend in Canton and there was lots of tents and police set up around the stadium and hof. No pix cuz I don't care.

I saw this inspiring message on a mobile sign along the highway and simply had to snap a pix to share it. Yes, I can take pictures and drive on a highway. As a blimpologist it's a requirement to be able to do that.


Isn't that inspiring?! Really makes you think doesn't it?

On way home saw Route 13.


That beget the question does Route 13 bisect Route 666 at all? According to Mr. Google's maps, the answer is no. It's interesting that the bible thumpers down there haven't gotten rid of Route 666 and even Route 13. It's very much bible thumper country down there. Hard to get a decent radio station, flipping thru you hear "Jesus", "Lord God above...", "the next heavenly life", "Let us pray", and finally there's a station playing the devil's music, classic rock.

Passed a sign on the way home, no pic cuz I saw it so quickly, Rushing Wind Biker Church. Yep, real church.

When I was almost at my friend's house I stopped at a rest stop to put in eye drops and pee. Going into the women's bathroom was an older lady with 4 kids, oldest ones aged about 12/13 years boys. She told the boys to go in the women's bathroom because there might be gays in the men's bathroom. "Ma'am do you think gays are pedophiles?" "Yes I do" "Are you from Russia?" "I'm from here" "Besides the fact that 99% of pedophiles are straight, did you consider that there might be lesbians in here?" I walked away, I had to pee. I don't think she continued into the bathroom. She probably was calling the 1-800-Homophobe hot line to find out what to do.

My back STILL hurts from last week and I have a bonus rib cage dysfunction. I'd be really stupid to go help again. Hi, my name is really stupid. She has to be out tomorrow, so yes, I'm going to go help again. Last time I left my bottle with pills at home--I usually take naproxen, pain pills, muscle relaxer, valium, etc if I'm going to be gone all day, in case I need them. I NEEDED THEM!! Well the muscle relaxer and pain pills. The bottle is next to my phone and I have a note on the door "TAKE PILLS". Also will put caspian cream on my back tomorrow too.

There's other things I could write about, but I'm gonna reply to at least that one email tonight!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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