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I'm someone's personal mover...

...that's what they called me. I helped them pack last time they moved, and I went to help pack today. It was a little over 2 hours away. I was almost to Columbus. Going back this week too. GASP! I went somewhere! By myself! I have friends! Clutch your pearls! That doesn't fit the narrative for some people. Oh whatever will you do? I suggest going to fuck yourself, or, go have a nice day. Same difference.

I don't mind ONE BIT and actually volunteered to help them. That's what friends do.

This was, um, well, the Blue Star Highway. A rest stop and might I say immaculate bathrooms and ice cold AC inside the rest stop.


When Eddie & I went to see his sister who lives in Zanesville years ago, we commented on the Route 666 sign we saw and how it was up really high on a sign post. She said they were always getting stolen. Huh, dunno why. So I was prepared to snap a pix of a Route 666 sign, but on the way there, all I saw was what I snapped on the way home. No more Route 666 signs by themselves. What a sad indictment of society. Is nothing sacred?!

Get your kicks on Route 666, just not with a heavy truck.


I'm a bit tired. Actually just my neck area and I think that was from driving. Need to change my sheets, as I didn't get that done this morning. I NEED to get a cross stitch project done by August 27. Have I even made the pattern yet? HAHAHAHA! That would be a no. I'll make the pattern tomorrow and dig out supplies. I finally figured out how I want the pattern to be, so plotting it out shouldn't be that bad. I'll post pix of final product after recipient gets it, as always.

Alright, sheets to be changed!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Spare some change?

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