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Limp faced crab dog & brattish dick dog

Poli has facial paralysis on her left side. Took her to the doctor yesterday as she hadn't eaten overnight. She had been drooling on her left side for almost 2 weeks but I attributed that to the heat. It's hard to get a solid look at her as she's such a wiggle butt. She's been fine the past few weeks--except for the drooling, so I just attributed it to the heat. (Yes, the dogs have fans, they have 4 fans just for them). Dr. detected no neurological damage as her pupils retracted in both eyes. Her left eye does NOT blink though, as it can't. Now I need drops for that. She can't feel 1/2 her mouth, and her left ear is floppy and won't perk up. This can be caused by an ear infection but the Dr. didn't detect one. So if she has one, it's inner ear. It can also be caused by her smacking her head into something at the right spot on her face. So she's on anti-inflammatories that would help decrease any swelling around her facial nerve and/or in her ear.

Screen grab from vid cuz she's still a wiggle butt. Image side right (her side left) her face is droopy. Even her nostril--I'm just noticing that myself now.


Called vet this AM about her gait, as it was wobbly. Doctor was sure that it was due to the anti-inflammatory loosening her up.​ I'm not sure about that, but since THAT just started today, okay, I'll play along. Looking online last night I saw boxers can be prone to this and it's usually via inner ear.

Outside today and you can see what a dick Pan is about this. Total fucking dick. Kicking dirt on BOTH of us! Brat!! Poli runs like a crab. PAN IS A BRATTISH DICK!!!!!!!! Did I mention Pan is a dick?

Going inside Poli was VERY wobbly. I attribute that to the time outside and also my ghetto patio isn't level. She went up the steps fine and has been fine in the house. Mixing her hard food with some canned food from Eddie made her gobble it right up. Dr. thought she might have bit her tongue and that's why she didn't eat Thursday overnight.

Eddie can't believe it, but Pan body slammed Poli last night off the back steps. PAN IS A BRATTISH DICK. She plots, she's devious, and she would body slam Poli! I sent Poli out first, as always, at bedtime. Pan was already pissed cuz Poli went to the vet and then Poli got food mixed with canned food. Poli eats after they come in. She usually will come in when Pan goes out OR she'll stay out with Pan. Last night she was sitting on the back porch by my push mower to come in when I let Pan out. Pan body slammed Poli and down she tumbled off the steps with the push mower. Eddie said a dog couldn't plot that out. The fuck they couldn't. Pan jumped over Poli and the mower and ran around the yard, victory lap. Poli got up on her own and came in. She looked sad Pan did that. SHE got extra treats. That also might have contributed to her being wobbly today!

Tonight I will let Poli in BEFORE Pan goes out. Foiling Pan's potential plot(s). Damn dog. Panacea is really fucking smart, I put nothing past her.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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