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Schadenfreude galaxy friend BLIMP!!!!!!!!

Comments are now LJ friends only. Yes, yes I can do that. So if you want to leave a nasty gram about me posting comments somewhere---GASP! (and no, I'm not referring to the person who's comment I unscreened, that wasn't nasty AT ALL, there's nasty ones from others I didn't unscreen cuz fuck you) you can just call 1-800-FUCK-YOU. Dunno where/what that # is, don't care. If you are capable of being courteous, then you can email me, but be forewarned, I will comment where I wish to, just as you may comment where you wish (except here cuz I'm a passive aggressive cunt). m99084me(at)gmail(dot)com And I'd like to say that whoever (dunno who or I would name them) told the person who's comment I recently unscreened a few months back I was saying nasty things about them, to fuck off. I don't think anyone could say anything bad about that person, and y'all should stop those games. They don't deserve that. Think of who you're ultimately hurting. Not me!

Bit of schadenfreude for y'all. Friday before 4th of July I got the worst case of vertigo ever. Was a vestibular migraine FROM HELL, replete with throwing up. And no, your head doesn't hurt with vestibular migraines. I would happily TRADE vestibular migraines for regular migraines--which I had in high school, so I know that ice pick thru your brain feeling. I'd take that over vertigo.

Took some trash out, and set my phone on one trash can. I didn't turn, I just kept facing forward while I put trash in the other can. Thought the phone was on the TOP of the can where the lid is flat. Oh hell no. Down it slid. Landed face up and on the blacktop driveway, not the brick street. So good, right? Oh no. Bad. Very very bad. Totally fucked. Screen was black on the bottom and some of the touch screen didn't work. FUCK! Had to go up to the ATT store, yes, with vertigo. I had vertigo for a year--the year I went back to finish my degree so I know how to drive with it, though you really shouldn't! Quickest cheapest option was a new # with the new phone. Of course they didn't have the same model, had to get the newest model galaxy. At least? with my old phone I got my pix and ringtones off it after hooking it up to the computer. Still trying to figure out some of the settings on this and of course this is bigger too. First world problems. And the next day my old phone's screen was 90% black and none of the touch screen worked.

So obviously no Newton Falls' fireworks this year. I was starting to feel better but no way could I handle that far of a drive and all the background noise. The hood had a pretty good show though. Fell asleep around midnight with loud booms still going off. Yeah, I can fall asleep with booms (and sleep thru a shooting, still pissed about that!)

Friday got a blimpologist alert the blimp was out. Side note, only they and my boss can text me on my new #, cuz I HATE TEXTING. But blimp alerts are VITALLY IMPORTANT, as is information about work. Anyone else can just email me, or call if you have the #--but few do, and few shall.

ANYBLIMP, since I was told it was out and heading west--west from the base is towards HQ and downtown. I went out and was sitting on the bench in my driveway. I'm treed in if it approaches from the south. I thought I heard it and look to the west and YES!! It was going fast so I ran down the street and snagged this between houses.


Reported back to my blimpologist and we both were saying it was thundering in our respective spots--he was at the blimp base in Suffield and I was of course in the land of misfit toys on north hill. I was watching for the blimp to perhaps come back and about 15 minutes later, over Jennings High, what do I see? Yes, obviously I was using zoom.


Since I had no idea which way they were going to go and wanted maximum blimp viewing I got on the front steps of the house one over from me--wait, is that right? Not next door, but next door to that. It's vacant and slowly rotting away, sadly. Higher up that my porch steps (which are blocked by my maple tree).

Who knows if they could see me but I was waving towards them, beckoning them over! (Hey worth a shot, right?) I've also gotten a lot better at holding the camera and waving with my other hand! :D

YEAH!!!!!! That was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! Ah, but the next day....went to go to Dollar General, BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sort of downtown. Discovered my camera battery low light was flashing, so fuck. But then I saw the blimp turn towards the land of misfit toys, ABORT DOLLAR GENERAL TRIP ABORT DOLLAR GENERAL TRIP!!!! Get back in front of my house, right when they are approaching from the west going east DIRECTLY OVER MY HOUSE!!! Cuz the batteries were dying I could only take a few pix.


One GOOD thing of only being able to take a few pix was that I got to teach some new hood kids that you always wave at the Goodyear Blimp and only to the Goodyear Blimp. They had seen me waving, so they joined in. ONLY the Goodyear Blimp!

No blimp sighting Sunday. I hadn't done it in quite awhile but I sat in the sun for about 5 hours reading a book. BLISS!!!


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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