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For bizarre reasons, that mostly involve me messing with gmail settings on my cell phone while in bed half asleep, lots of emails went to my 'spam' folder, that I never look at and have hidden. Oops! Gotta start replying to them!

Today I have a permanent bone chill. Even an electric throw wrapped around me isn't resolving it. Sitting in front of the open, obviously on, oven door, resolves it, until I leave to come upstairs. Gotta go outside and take some pix of a tree to send to the cheese guy, because yes, one should ask tree questions of a cheese guy. Isn't that who you go to with tree questions? Showed him a pix I had emailed someone and he said it was something he hadn't really seen before--not the tree, what it looked like a week after it was cut. As I mentioned before, cheese guy is also an arborist. Will post pix of yard, um, hopefully today---but we know what happens when I say I'll post something. So shhhh! Don't jinx it Tia!!

MONTHS later the police report from the shooting I slept thru is now public!! Why it took so long I have no idea. What was learned from this report? The victim was just 15 years old and the phone call apparently came from Joyce's house as people were running down Dayton Place, so more people involved than witnesses saw.

This is a public record, but I'm only putting a few things here. Report 16-031916. Occurred 2:25am, which coincides with the first text I got. Incident address is Vaughn's house; but it was outside that house. The people who live there were not involved at all. Victim was 15 years old, shot in the upper part of his left leg. The offense was 2903.11A1 Felonious Assault victim seriously harmed. No gang involvement.

No arrest, no suspect. "There were an unknown number of unknown suspects..."

Narrative: "Officer Turnure [badge #] and I, Officer Antonucci [badge #] along with multiple other Akron Police units were dispatched to 249 Dayton Place [Joyce's house] in reference to people scattering and a possible shooting. Upon arrival, a juvenile victim was located in the driveway of 575 Robinette Court [I share the driveway with them] with a gunshot wound to his upper-left leg.

Sgt. Davis was notified of the incident via cellphone. The DB [Detective Bureau] desk was also notified of the incident via cell phone. CSU [Crime Scene Unit] responded to the scene to process it for evidence.

Sgt. Davis on scene. DB on scene.

Why this took so long I have no idea. I SLEPT THRU IT ALL!!! Yes, I'm still mad at myself for that!!

Alright, I need to do some dishes, start dinner, and reply to hidden in spam emails! Then maybe blog? Dunno. Don't wanna jinx it.

Edited to remove the hash tag symbol before the report number because LJ has a new fucking stupid 'thing' where if you use a hashtag it'll create a tag for your journal! DO NOT WANT YOU DUMB FUCKS!!! No, obviously no option to opt out.


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