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Pass the valium....

I dunno if I'll post my virtual Moondog experience today or not. Got up late, still uploading videos, then I have to edit one. It's also sunny out and I think it'll be therapeutic to putter around the yard. Then we're having dinner with the neighbors tonight. I might make the Moondog 2 posts, one to vent, the other for the show. Yes, we have the good, the bad, the EDWARD. He really out Edwarded himself last night.

I'm heavily medicated for your safety today. Whole valium, and I'll take another one later today. Whole muscle relaxer too, as my arm hurts from holding the camera. Ears are fine, which is surprising, as we were in front of a speaker bank and you could FEEL the sound going thru you. You can also see the sound waves in the videos--not me shaky, it was the speakers. They were all cranked to 11.

Probably shouldn't do yard work with my right arm hurting, but um, my field of fucks still has a drought. I shall walk around the yard with my hand saw and cut down what I can. Best to do that before suddenly all the foliage is in.


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