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Vitamins IDGAF

Been waking up on my own between 5-6am. That is good. There might be a reason for that. I hope. If not, well, I will make a reason for it.

Already sent a pithy email this morning. Going to send two 'good' emails, then another pithy one. So that'll balance out. Not that I care. One of my daily supplements includes vitamins IDGAF.

Believe I will run a couple errands today. Not suppose to rain today, but suppose to rain tomorrow and Friday.

I hope to fuck I get no Edward calls today. I'm sure I will though. ::headdesk:: We're having dinner with the neighbors I cat sit for and I put him in charge of grilling chicken and pineapple [separately]. Who knows how many calls that will involve. I'm making Italian bread and vegan sloppy joes. Neighbor is making salad and then zucchini sauce for pasta. Oh, I'm baking a cake too.

Started a book the other day on Queen Victoria's daughter Louise. Already found one howling error. Yes, yes, I will be writing the author and publisher. Book came out a couple years ago. No idea why an editor couldn't have caught that. They wrote that the Czarina who was murdered in 1918 was Prince Philip's great grandmother. No. She was an aunt. Victoria's daughter Alice was the mother of the Czarina and Princess Victoria of Hesse. Princess Victoria of Hesse was the mother of Princess Alice, who was Philip's mother. So...Victoria of Hess was Philip's grandmother, Princess Alice was his great grandmother, and Queen Victoria was his great great grandmother. I didn't even have to look that up!

Dunno if I wanna work in bedroom today, I really should; or if I wanna put on rain boots [mud] and go cut down trees. Decisions decisions. I know one morning suddenly all the foliage will be in. I do need assistance getting one tree down as the main branch is over the neighbor's fence, so I need someone to hold a rope I wrap around that before I cut it off so it comes into my yard. Wait, do I hear carnival music? If I got a long enough rope, I could wrap it around that section, then wrap the rope around one of the locust branches and the bench frame and perhaps do it myself. Ooooo....might work!

Need to see if my old medical place have sent my records yet. Legally they have 30 days; but I have a feeling 30 days will come and go. If they take longer than 30 days they're to state why. Doubt they'd do that. They probably have a new made up rule they haven't communicated to patients that you have to go in person and request them while standing on one leg with a finger on your nose reciting poetry or something. I can hear them say they didn't receive the request. Wouldn't surprise me. Where I'm at now is suing where I was. Oh, well that narrows it down, doesn't it?

Best go start the bath water, feed the dogs, then send my other email missives, and figure out what I'm gonna do today.


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Mar. 29th, 2017 01:51 pm (UTC)
just wanted to say thanks .... you made my night....
Hi Miss Tia,
ok, now that didnt come out right, but we know what i mean... lol
i know that you have got enough to do today, but Ive been everywhere man, ive been everywhere.... and i cant seem to locate that amazing daily vitamin that you take... could you help me out a lil' plz. lol
I just thought id share that reading your LJ blogs definately and totally crack me up... now im all cracked up n nowhere to go... tee hee... anyways, Really, i like your personality and your style...
I'm a total virgin at this whole blogging thing, a newbie on LJ as well. So just reading others blogs to find a pointer or two... i think im gonna like this..
ok so your thinking, why is this chick commenting on mine.... your name for one thing, and your character is simply spectacular... so i shall let you get bk to your blogging and your life, simply because I cant wait to hear more, oh n especially, about how that branch over the neighbors fence pans out, n i wish you the best of luck, but it sounds like you dont need luck really, it sounds like you've got this... so, you go girl...
* miss tcup
Apr. 1st, 2017 05:20 pm (UTC)
Re: just wanted to say thanks .... you made my night....
Hi miss tcup! I think Vitamin IDGAF should be available worldwide; but alas, it's stuck in FDA trials [damn red tape!]. I think I am gonna make it a cross stitch project though! :D

Welcome to LJ!! I've been here, wait, math...13 years. Pointer wise, do what you want with it. Blog about your life, vent, post essays, recipes, whatever!

And my name here is my real life legal name. True facts! Legally changed it to miss tia.

I haven't cut down that branch/tree yet; but I have pix of it I'm gonna post. I have determined I definitely need to rustle up someone around here to assist with that endeavor, but that tree is going DOWN!!! I mentally used geometry to figure out I couldn't do it myself. I never took a geometry class, but it was angles, and degrees, so I used it.

Don't ever worry about commenting on someone's blog! That's how ya meet peoples here! :D
( 2 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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