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Life is a game we all ultimately lose

So I was trying to work in the bedroom today and dear Jack Lord, and Charlot too, Edward has given me a fucking migraine. Not a vestibular migraine, a MIGRAINE. Nary a computer question asked either! Two phone calls and I was done. If only I had some midrin. That's what i had in high school when I had migraines. That stuff was awesome. After 5 pills you'd feel like you were floating. Yes, you could take up to five and yes, I remember the dosage. Two at onset, then 1 every 30 minutes up to a total of 5 total if needed. He calls me again I'm just gonna answer the phone and scream at the top of my lungs. I.am.not.joking.

Calgon take me far far away. Wait, I have no calgon. Shit, I'm stuck here. So I figured I'd blog [duh], perhaps start to go thru some pix/video on my memory card that really needs to emptied, or I'll read. I most certainly will not be editing phone calls with Edward clips today!

Depressing thought occurred to me the other evening, most of the music I was listening to, they were dead. FUCK! Bowie, Prince, STP, Alice in Chains [no, it's not AIC without Layne], Queen [Freddie IS Queen], George Michael, Amy, Nirvana and FUCK! DEPRESSING! I mean, I listen to stuff where people have passed but they were older. And I'm still pissed at Marvin Gaye's father for murdering him!

I know some of them are from the 1990s but time is something that shifts for me, it seems. Some things seem like they happened yesterday, instead of 30+ years ago. Time loops back and sometimes you're on the loop and get transported. Why shouldn't time be fluid? It's man made as it is already. No matter the concept of time, we all have an expiration date for this existence. Then? Well, that's the next great adventure.

I have another NDE and end up at a concert by someone I like, instead of Janice Joplin, I'm STAYING! I'd never leave a Prince or Bowie concert. Nope. There I would remain! I hope I die before Edward. Yes, yes he is older than me. We know my field of fucks has a severe drought right now.

Listening to George Michael today. Jenny Bigwood and I would blast Edge of Heaven from a boom box to annoy neighbors [nope, I really haven't changed, think I'll blast that out the window on a warm day this year. I'll announce beforehand "FOR JENNY!!!"]. One time we rented the VHS with all of WHAM!'s videos on it and we played Club Tropicana over and over. George looked really awesome in that video. Remember this was the 80s so cheesiness was in!

No twitter withdrawals today. Whew! Think that's passed! If not, well, I'll continue to work thru it.

Got a few bags of stuff thrown out from the bedroom today and there's a couple boxes (empty) I can haul down and flatten to put in the trash. Windsor thought it'd be fun earlier to try to kill me on the stairs. That little fuck.

Found a black [or really dark purple] crushed velvet dress today. No, I have no idea. No, I didn't try it on. No, I did not buy it.

From 1998. Damn he covers this very well!

From 2011. So true what he says about Amy. And it became true of him too.

Should be life. Life is a losing game.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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