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Monday night at bedtime, let the dogs out, duh, and both CHARGE!!! to the mulberry tree. Of course I didn't have my cell phone on me, so therefore no flashlight and had to run upstairs to get it. I saw no eyes reflecting back to me up in the tree but both dogs were at the base of the tree looking up. I had no doubt SOMETHING was up there and assumed it was a possum.

Last night when I let them out, I had my phone on me and both CHARGED!!! to a locust tree and I heard little claws scampering up and then from the neighbor's garage light I saw the silhouette of two toddler raccoons. DAFUQ?! It's March 21! They scampered ALL the way to the very very top of the locust tree, so I don't think they've been out much and/or had much training from their mom yet, as going that high is totally unnecessary and is sort of dangerous as it was windy. Fortunately Pan could not find mom in the yard, though she made a thorough search while Poli was on sentry duty at the bottom of the locust tree hopping around "I got something to do! I got something to do! Coach put me in!"

Fucking great, now I gotta deal with raccoons already. I suppose the Joyce Birr Dayton Place Habitat is their 'home', as raccoons have been living in her garage for years now. She so kindly puts straw in there for them and the garage is filled with years of straw and raccoon shit. And the city does jack shit about it because ??? Who the fuck knows why. But gee, somewhere I have imaginary tall grass in my fenced in yard. That shit happens again, the department head is coming out and we're going to walk the neighborhood as I explain unequal enforcement and yes, Joyce's will be the highlight. She has real tall grass, the food out 24/7, dead car rotting in driveway, aforementioned garage, raccoon shit covered awning---it use to be white but now is basically black with so much raccoon shit, and that's okay because ???? I'm not the only person around here with raccoon damage, as many on Dayton Place have it too. We've ALL complained about this for years, actually there's 20+ years of the SAME COMPLAINTS against her. Clue phone?? Not being answered by anyone.

Have lots of things to do around the house and not much motivation. Ugh. Did get a few things done yesterday. Will try to do better today. Have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The sharp pain isn't as sharp but I'm going anyway, cuz I think it was/is a rib cage malfunction. Yes, a different one than the one last week. This one is on my right side. Still hurts, but not as sharp.

Panacea is having her high maintenance bitch skin issues. She's on yeast pills and pred, plus ear drops and neurotin for her arthritis. Yes, the med that made Eddie hallucinate and suicidal. Apparently it doesn't have that side effect in dogs. She has limited arthritis med options due to being on pred. Her arthritis isn't that bad, but she a little difficulty getting up in the car seat.

Minnow should be getting his dental probably next month. Damn cat. Well at least they're with me and not Tammy, cuz they get medical assistance. Mind you, they wouldn't purposely harm them, but going to the vet wouldn't be a priority. Like when Oreo was theirs and was hit by a car. Oreo survived without medical assistance. Yes, I was pissed about that then. Ah, but but cigarettes! SMDH

Alright, best go start my day. Clothes should be done in the washer and I can start my bath, gotta feed the dogs, do dishes, change a cat box, then work in the bedroom. I have cat food bags as trash bags. I always save cat and dog food bags when empty. They make the best trash bags---plus it's bonus usage!!! Save the cat litter bags too! All those bags are sturdy!!


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Mar. 22nd, 2017 01:45 pm (UTC)
Well, I don't know how much cigarettes cost over there, but here they're well over $10 a pack. Yeah, if I smoked I wouldn't have a life.
Mar. 22nd, 2017 03:55 pm (UTC)
They're about $5.50-6 for name brand. It has always boggled my mind how people---not just Tammy---have no money for vet care, or even pet food half the time; or school clothes for kids; BUT ALWAYS had money for cigarettes. Food stamps run out mid month and going from food bank to food bank, yet able to buy cigarettes. No money for a kid's field trip and they have to sit at school, but they can buy cigarettes.

Happens all over. I do understand it's an addiction, particularly with all the additives they put in cigarettes; but it still boggles my mind, those buying 2 packs a day who have no money for true necessities.
Mar. 22nd, 2017 06:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's a woman downstairs named Rosie who's always smoking—I understand that's my perception because she takes care of kids at home and probably doesn't smoke in the house—and always borrowing money from me.

This last time she borrowed $20 and when I begged her to pay me back because I had absolutely no money, she goes, "No, mami." Fuck her; let her bum her cigs from Uncle Willie.
( 3 Peaces spoken — Speak your peace )


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