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Projectile weather bust....

MORE Skittles' projectile vomit. FFS! She's on a roll today!! I was sitting here writing notes on things I have to do, etc and glurp glurp DO NOT DO IT THERE DAMMIT glurp moving to the left glurp SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit Skittles!! Dafuq is your malfunction today? Glurp glurp glurp SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!

So no white out conditions earlier, of course not; BUT now we have a severe weather warning about a 'squall' [I've lived in Ohio over half my life now and I will never EVER get use to the word 'squall'] that is intense and could cause white out conditions. The earlier statement didn't call it a 'squall', who the fuck calls snow a SQUALL?!?!? What is their malfunction??

It is snowing. Things are being nicely coated and it looks pretty. It is regularly SNOW not a damn 'squall'. If I EVER start using the word 'squall', hit me with the sledgehammer please. Seriously. If I ever want a flu shot, check me into the psych ward. Same as if I ever believe in a deity.

SDR mentioned in an email today something about a "normal life". What the hell is that?? Sounds interesting. And Skittles is starting to glurp again.

That reminds me, I need to go check dinner. I'm losing my appetite.


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