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Projectile thoughts....

Nothing like trying to reply to something and Skittles goes on a projectile vomiting spree. Once, twice, three times is 'normal'. Rather breaks up your concentration. Damn cat. But that's 'normal' for her.

I keep thinking about something, which probably isn't good nor healthy. The main thought is: what was the purpose/reason for me to encounter another individual like this? They're not the type who would 'learn' anything, so the lesson would be on me. So??? The only answer I keep getting is that I should write about them, as I've done for others; but that honestly would do no good in the long run. Well, I suppose it would add to their already extensive google returns.

I know, if you don't know who/what I'm talking about, that is a befuddling statement. SDR, what do you think?

Ah, starting to snow. They say perhaps an inch, then rain Sunday.

No banana cake yesterday. Need to go do dishes and make that today. Need to work on a few things about the house too. Perhaps I can have an epiphany while doing dishes about what I'm thinking of.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a conscience. Though, I see those without one and no, that's fine. Perhaps if mine wasn't so overactive? I tend to think too much to begin with, then add an ethical dilemma and SCRAMBLED BRAINS!


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