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They upped our inches!

Now they say in their warning that we might get up to 7" overnight.

I actually went out and dealt with the back porch roof a bit a few hours ago. An ice dam was forming. I also thought it would probably be double the work for me to explain to Edward how to clear the snow, then where to put the calcium chloride. That shit ain't cheap and a little goes a long way. I also keep the bag on the back porch, sealed and covered, to protect it from moisture.

That fucking 1.5 hour phone call today. JFC. I'm more mad at myself for staying on that long! I converted the file to a MP3 to try to figure where to edit it. I admit I was cracking up listening to the first 10 minutes. 'When I go here it does this. No wait, it worked okay that time.' Also within the first 10 minutes I do indeed threaten to come over with the sledgehammer. And the long ass PAUSES. Everything is also an "icon". Open a new tab +, that's an icon. Bookmark bar shortcuts [technically those are icons] icon. He STILL had problems with the START BUTTON!!! "The boxed button?"

I think the camera was OFF at the point towards the end, while I was in the tub--it was on for a bit there--when I told him to go his desktop and he asks, "How do I get to that? What is that?"

For reasons I have no clue for:

There is no system restore point on his computer. That's not HIS fault. There should be a system restore point from updates. No, I wasn't going to figure that out but it might have solved the problem today.

The mousepad doesn't work right in firefox. ONLY in firefox. Ah, I can hear some now saying 'Did he try Chrome?' NO! That would entail walking him thru downloading that, then immediately he'd want his stuff from firefox, and wouldn't understand it's for testing purposes only. Yes, we updated firefox and also flash. Checked the mousepad settings too. And of course tried turning it off and on again.

He actually said he'd bring it over to me to fix. Uh, I've only said I wouldn't touch that thing again a million times. He brings it over, HAMMER TIME!!! I will not learn his version of windows. Then he mentioned getting a new one with his tax return. I will type up a statement, get it notarized, that I AM NOT TECH SUPPORT FOR IT!!! For any of it. NOTHING. Yes, I know Windows 10, quite well. Actually I have it sort of looking like XP. Not teaching him Windows 10 nor setting it up for him [which is what he would want]. Hell, he still has problems with facebook!! Yet somehow started a twitter on his own.

SMDH. No, no ricotta made in advance today, nor actually anything made. Dishes are done though, so I've got what I need for bread making. I wish my blender hadn't upped and died on me, it would be really handy to have. My little ninja chopper will suffice, just gotta do smaller quantities.

I'll try again tomorrow!


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