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Snow/Phone call with Edward....

...was going to get in tub, around 11. Grinch ring tone of doom. Got off phone around 12:30. I actually turned my camera on, to ghetto record. I'll have to edit some of it and you can hear it for yourselves!!

The only 'plus' from that is Eddie will salt my gutter tomorrow if needed.

No massive snow this morning. It's getting colder out though and the wind is picking up a bit. Still sort of spitting snow.

Now it's 1pm and far too late to make bread. Dammit!! Will forage for lunch, then fiddle in kitchen. Might make my tofu ricotta today, though I'm not sure how much I'll need for a 8x8 pan of lasagna. Want to use leftover tofu and try a banana pudding recipe I found.


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