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...well little past 5pm and not a flake yet, of course besides the one typing this. Now they say tomorrow we'll be getting lake effect snow and might end up with a total 10". I am debating pre-salting my back porch roof. Isn't that what people have to do? No? Really?!?! YES THAT STILL IRKS MY IRE!!! Don't fucking replace someone's back porch roof, totally gut and redo their pantry and FAIL to mention that ice dams will still form!!! As I've said, had I been told BEFORE discussions could have taken place re: putting the roof at a steeper pitch or even REMOVING the pantry! Fuck you J Russell. Seriously, FUCK YOU. Especially with my chimney leak from hell FIXED and it was what I thought all along!! Grrrrrr.......

I am thinking I should pre-salt though. Think I have a virus of some kind and am currently running a fever, so fucking great having to climb ladders to put out the back porch roof special snowflake salt [not rock salt]. I'll probably feel worse tomorrow. Okay, I'll go put on rain coat, plastic gloves, and pre-salt. It feels really cold today too.

Alright, 25 minutes later and I have pre-salted. Slammed my knee on the ladder when I had to move it, so wow, bonus! And no flakes yet. I want J Russell's tongues to burn with calcium chloride until they learn to communicate better!! I know, I'm so nice. HAH!

Okay, I'm gonna ice my knee. They are saying snow starting in 43 minutes. So around 6:32? We'll see if they are right.

Update 8:56pm: There is just the lightest coat of snow on roofs and cars. You can't even SEE it snowing, if it even is, at this point.

Update 9:25pm: You can see it snowing now; but it's a very light snow.

Update 10:40pm: Still light snow, but ground has a dusting now. The sky is getting brighter, approaching 'snow sky' shade--which is um, not quite sure how to describe that. It's obviously still dark out--duh--but it's brighter and snow skies are sometimes pink hued. Quite beautiful actually. Not there yet though. Might take some pix when I let the dogs out [yes, I let the dogs out, it was me]. Will take with cell phone, don't feel like hauling camera around at bedtime.


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Mar. 14th, 2017 01:50 am (UTC)
We don't have snow yet (at 9:45 PM) but ours is forecast for tomorrow.

I wouldn't mind if they called the whole thing off, TBH.
Mar. 14th, 2017 02:19 am (UTC)
just looked back out and we have the fine mist still. ours is suppose to start tonight and then tomorrow we're to get lake effect snow.

yeah, i hope they're wrong this time. this winter has been NUTS! i'm worried about the plants that had started to bud and then we had some snow for a few days--just a coating, but still. this is the year for my cherry bushes bumper crop!! every 2 years! they had started getting leaves on 'em.

i'd be okay with the snow if it was JANUARY....but march?! yeah, can we please call this off?
Mar. 14th, 2017 02:07 am (UTC)
(10:06 PM EST) Isn't salt bad for the roof?
Mar. 14th, 2017 02:17 am (UTC)
rock salt, yes!! that'd be very bad! but i have to use calcium chloride, which will not harm the delicate roof. it's also safe for pets and will melt at lower temps. just costs more. i got a 40# for $20. for my driveway, i got a 50# bag of rock salt for $8.

when j russell had to come out the year AFTER my destroying ice dam, they used about 200#s of calcium chloride to get the ice melted and the gutter flowing again.
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