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Fuck this DST shit!

No idea daylight savings time was tonight until just a wee bit ago. FUCK I hate this manipulation of people's sleep. STOP THIS SHIT!!! Stick with summer time year round and fucking deal with it. Time is a man made concept as it is, so why go further and proclaim you're adapting a man made concept to further 'control' it? You made it, you already control it! Oh wait, no, you're just further controlling people.

I think aliens would be better, and obviously smarter, than to try to manipulate time, and people, like this.

If you were aware I think DST is stupid as fuck and it should be eradicated!! I want to see it gone in my lifetime. I saw the Chicago Cubs win the worlds series, so I HAVE seen the impossible done!! And I want a Goodyear BLIMP!!!!! ride. No, no pony, but a garden gnome would be nice to help with weed pulling.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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