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Got in tub around 8am. Got a phone call, a nice one, oh I gotta write something down, I have a meeting next week, hold on. Okay, meeting denoted. Got off phone and though my glasses were off, as I was in the tub, I could see out the window over Melon's head a big bird floating in circles. Then the sounds. Cooper's hawk. Of all the times to circle right next door! No, didn't get out of the tub. Blimp, oh hell yes! In the midst of my quick bath, at 8:33am--I looked at the time--my ears 'popped'. Like when you have airplane ear and then they pop. 22 1/2 hours after my kenalog shot it fully kicked in. That's my time to loudly exclaim PRAISE KENALOG!!!!!!!!!!! Melon gave me a "Bitch please" look. Gypsy was on a shelf right next to me and despite being totally feral, she didn't even move. Now if I had started to say "Get in cahoots..." she'd have flown. Gypsy Boots is named after Gypsy Boots. One of his chants was "Get in cahoots with Gypsy Boots." He was one of the first vegetarians on tv.

Mail arrived and no, no ATM card. I had considered driving to the closest branch which would have been a haul but finally decided fuck that. The sun was out, high winds were arriving, I just wanted to run my errands. I have a bill I have to pay in cash Friday and it appears I'll have to go to a branch Friday because I called after I got the mail to ask when my ATM card had been sent and THEY HAD NOT SENT IT YET!! Uh?!?!? Oh they were sending it today, I'll have it in 7-10 days. Yes, that is annoying BUT the guy I talked to immediately said they made a mistake! Concept!! I know a bank cunt who might wanna learn a few things from there. No, wait, too late for her.

Left around 9:45ish and they had said the winds would pick up around 10am and damned if they didn't. On rare occasions they are correct. Let's see, I went to Klein's first and got a big bag of drugs. No, not as exciting as some people might think. Then I was going down State Rd and there's a Woman's Health Center, which I believe I have mentioned before, as there is A MAN sometimes out front protesting with placards with bible verses. How christian of him. He needs to read Matthew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged. So I see two woman in bright pink vest out today. Back of the vests said "Women's Health Escorts" cuz, yeah, that judgmental prick was out there. No red light, never one when you need them, but I yelled out "THANK YOU ESCORTS!!" They replied with thanks and I gave the prick the finger.

Went in to Pet Supplies + to see if they had more clearance canned cat food and YES!! Krieger's was next. Got several items of troll food. :D Pix tomorrow, hopefully. Then vmac, where once again the healthy food sections are fortresses of solitude. Giant eagle was next stop.

Approaching from north, going south. Cross Howe Avenue onto Home Avenue and giant eagle is on the left at the light. The truck in front of me swerves sharply to the left. DAFUQ?! OH SHIT! SHOPPING CART!!! I had to do the same. Then I saw another cart further up in the other lane. Park in the lot and I FINALLY got a pix of a license plate I've wanted to get the past few years. Pix tomorrow, have to put card in computer, too much exertion at this point, and also have to remove their plate #, though um, that might be pointless. Still will though.

Go in and tell the cashier at the pharmacy exit about the carts in Home Avenue. That wind ain't playing today. Nope. Someone went to get them. I think they ended up down there because people waiting for buses will take their carts to the bus stop, then leave them there. Not usually a problem but when you have 50mph+ wind gusts? Problem. Leave there and last stop BJ's.

I seriously almost became airborne in the parking lot trying to walk towards the store. I felt like I was in the Kent State student plaza, that shall forever be a wind tunnel no matter how many times they try to change it through the years, as one time oh about....OH DEAR JACK LORD....28 years ago. No. That cannot be right. Fuck. Dammit. Really? It was just 1983 yesterday. Um, maybe I did some Kent State math. Yes, that has to be it. Anywind, in 1988 at Kent State there were high winds and some of us became almost airborne in the student plaza. Yeah, that was just a few years ago.

Who would think going into a store would be difficult? Isn't it an American right that a glorious golden glow comes from a store's entry way, birds spread ribbons, a red carpet is rolled out, master card and visa symbols dance in our heads, as we go towards our consumer destiny? Well that right was hard won today. Against the wind, don't really care for that Bob Seger song, nor walking against the wind. Was in the check out with my 2 items and the guy behind me was saying he was being blown sideways coming in. I said I felt I was almost airborne and he looked at me and said "How did you get in? I'm 3 times your size." I guess a fierce determination to get liquid benadryl and eye drops?

Get home, unload, then stand in the driveway and give the trees a pep talk as they bowed lower and lower. Bow don't break please!! Way too late to even think of making bread as it was almost 1pm. Puttered around in a semi-tired but not really daze but did get some things done. I needed some assistance with my voicemail. Instead of going to the ATT store, which is usually a waste of time, I thought I would call them because, hold tight Senior Detective Rice, mr. google failed me. I know. Bastard.

First person kept saying if I had an iphone they could help me. Well I don't have one, I have a galaxy. If it was a iphone though, I could help you. Well, I'm not getting an iphone, I'm happy with my galaxy. [WTF is it with att pushing iphones??] So she goes to transfer me to apparently non-iphone support. Yep, got hung up on.

Call back and get a guy who TOTALLY understood the problem. YES!!! Alas, he didn't have the authorization to do what needed to be done and he was going to transfer me BUT he read back my # and assured me that he would call me back if we got disconnected. Next thing I hear is best described in this manner: remember the CB faze in the 1970s? Imagine a guy with his brand new CB in the 1970s and he's so excited to 'breaker breaker' so he puts his mouth directly up against the mouth piece AND TALKS REALLY LOUD BECAUSE HE SO EXCITED AND ALSO WANTS TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN HEAR HIM SAY BREAKER BREAKER. That's who I got. So he answers "[CB GUY] ATT CELL TOWER REPAIR!!" Pardon me I didn't catch that, "[CB GUY] ATT CELL TOWER REPAIR!!" Oh I'm sorry I was getting transferred to someone who could help me with my phone not a cell tower. "I CAN HELP WITH A PHONE TOO!!"

Over 30 minutes of CB GUY. I think I recorded a bit of him. Not on my camera, as I have been bad and not been having extra sets of batteries charged, but I recorded a bit on another cell phone. Will see how that turned out tomorrow. Ultimately it came down to me having to do a hard reset and no, I wasn't going to that then as I needed to save stuff and then I also wanted to get off the phone as my house was shaking with the wind and the trees were bowing VERY low.

Go downstairs and Poli barks. Just her one bark if someone is around. She doesn't usually do that if I'm downstairs though. So I went out the side door and the guy who bought Vaughn's house was there and so was a pick up truck with a roofing company name. Just 2 guys, family business. Was talking to the home owner, asked him about the roofing guys, and he said he used them on all his properties. One of the guys was finishing there, couple lost shingles, and I asked for a card or if not I'd take a pix with my cell phone of their truck. Did I have a problem? [the jokes right themselves!] I mention the leak from hell that no one can seem to find outside but I was gonna get on the top roof that I did not want to do, but FUCK IT, to seek and destroy.

Guy asked if he could look at it. Sure!! They come over and despite extremely high winds that were trying to blow over the ladder he needed to get off the roof--he was holding onto the chimney a bit when the big wind gusts came through.

Does the leak go drip drip drip?
Found it! 2 pinholes in the flashing on this side [the side closest to my computer chair window]
OMFG!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!

So since I have no ATM card and no way to get cash without a field trip, I'm in cash limbo. I said I had roofing repair supplies and a bank card. He said he'd use my supplies and I could go put $20 of gas in their truck. Oh fuck yes!!! He also recaulked around the chimney cap, as he said the caulk used would only last a few years and heating companies don't really know that. That makes sense.

I put $30 in their gas tank and hugged them!! I FUCKING KNEW IT WAS THE FLASHING!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!! I truly believe it's fixed. He knew how it dripped, he fucking FOUND it outside and no one else could! SWEET VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was gonna change my sheets and decided not too cuz I know tonight's sleep will be fuckered too----a worthwhile side effect of kenlog, PRAISE IT!! They are washed though, so hey, half way there.

Talking to Edward tonight I was trying to tell him about the ATT CB GUY and started off just as I did above about the CB craze in the 70s and did they have that in Ohio too? He starts going on about in the 70s there's no way he could have got CDs for all his albums cuz they were really expensive when they first came out. Dude, I said CBs, as in breaker breaker. Yeah, they were like $500 at first and I kept buying albums. Okay, let's try again, C B as in BITCH. Oh, THOSE. Yes, those. Then yes he knew what I was talking about. And I added I think CDs first came out in the mid to late 80s.

Okay, few past 11pm. Don't really feel tired. Maybe a little. If I have access to cash I will go out tomorrow and pay a bill that is due Friday. Can only pay in cash or check. Have access to nada. Will take land of misfit toy wind damage pix too. Nothing major, thankfully.

Oh, one last tidbit, it wasn't a city or county truck I saw on Columbia at 7am but it was some big work truck. Not east ohio gas or electric either as I could recognize those logos. Anyway, the start jack hammering at 7:15am. DAFUQ?!? Unless it's an emergency, and it didn't seem to be from later neighbor reports, they're suppose to wait til 8am. It woke Eddie up. Yes, if they were jackhammering on Robinette in front of my house THAT would wake me up and damn straight I'd go out there, especially if it was before 8am.

Tomorrow night they say we're to get 1-2" of snow. Believe it when I see it. Off to get ready for bed.

Today turned out to be a good day. I can even find humor in CB GUY. I shall try to maintain the same level of medication letting the day flow tomorrow. If not, oh well. Everything gets dealt with anyway. Eventually. This lifetime or later. I wonder how coherent this post is. Not gonna proof it. There's a severe drought in my field of fucks and I've been up 19 hours.


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