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I was reading til 12:30am and I woke up at 4am. Knew I wasn't going back to sleep but didn't get out of bed til 4:30am. Why was my sleep fuckered up? Oh no, not due to bank cunt, due to KENALOG!! Yes, one of the side effects that are temporarily annoying but so so soooooooo worth it!!

My jaw still hurts, though bonus kenalog effect is that that'll help it, but I am feeling LESS space cadet like! YEAH!!!!!!

I could/should get shopping early but I want to wait for the mail, watch it be her day off, to see if I get my ATM card from my new bank. Should be arriving any day. I would think. I hope. If I got it today I could run all my errands today and be in for the rest of the week, which I would prefer, since yet another kenalog effect is weakening my immune system. Side effects are so so soooooooooo worth it!!! I will wear one of my masks today and non latex gloves.

Deplete my bones, eat my muscles--temporarily, weaken my immune system, mess up my sleep for a few nights, and I don't give one fuck because kenalog is the ONLY thing that keeps my allergies at bay!! TAKE THAT ALLERGIES!!!

Yes, if you are reading this on a PC I changed my layout. Yes, it is rather drab and plain. I got sick of seeing a winter theme when we haven't HAD winter!!

There's a high wind warning today. Starting around 10am and getting worse this afternoon. Well, I'll hopefully be leaving around 8:30am after mail arrives. Just have 4 stops since I'm waiting for ATM card. My vmac stop is curtailed and I'm not stopping at BJ's, because yes, waiting for ATM card. Yes, logic would say to go to a branch and get cash but alas that would be a long journey as my new bank is no where near me. File that under 'nonsensical things tia does'. That is a huge ass file.

I know I might be too tired, so I might not make it today; BUT sometime this week I want to make lasagna. I have left over spaghetti sauce and I found a vegan ricotta cheese recipe that sounds good and got good reviews. Wondering if I should get some fresh basil. Hmmmm.....Oh wait, when I make lasagna I want to have garlic bread. I think I saved a recipe for 1 hour garlic rolls, which were from scratch. Have no idea about the science there. Should check that recipe out before I go shopping. Hey, see, I'm making sense! PRAISE KENALOG!!! Hold on, I'll check it now.

Okay, glad I checked that recipe. That one isn't gonna work as substitutes I read in the comments made them fail. Dammit. Obviously not a vegan recipe. Hmmmm....if I feel coherent enough around noon/1pm today, odds say no; but one never knows, I'll just make the bread recipe I really like. I make the dough in the bread machine and then get it out and do the second rise, after rolling the dough out and forming two loaves, in the oven that is turned off for about 45 minutes and then bake about 25 minutes. Vegan recipe. Well it wasn't one, but substitutions work jim dandy in it. Takes about 4 hours total, including baking. Fresh bread and lasagna sounds really really good.

I think I'll go start my bath water, feed the cats, let the dogs out, and make today much much better than yesterday. Bank cunt has no hold on me today, aside from tmj flare up which I will try to disperse expediently, cuz sealed letter is going to go in outgoing mail when I go let the dogs out. Not taking her call, not listening to a voicemail--which honestly wouldn't be more than to call her. Nope. Done. When I am done, I am DONE. I'm not one to toss out that I was "disrespected"; but um, in this case? Yes, I will toss that out and it sticks.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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