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...I kept hearing Cooper's hawks. I go out with my camera and nope, none. Come back inside and yep, they're back in this area. Just went back out and after about 10 minutes one flew by, but they weren't stopping. Then it started to sprinkle, so obviously I'm back inside.

I have video of Cooper's hawks having sex. Gotta upload that, duh.

Got up beyond woefully late today. 10:40. DAFUQ?! No clue. Didn't take a muscle relaxer before bed either, took one around 7pm. Not that they make me sleepy, but still.

Woke up around 3:30am-ish, rolled back over to go back to sleep. Facing the street in bed. Eyes were closed but there was this tremendous strike of lightening that was so bright I saw it anyway. Then the house shook with thunder. I thought "this can't happen during the day cuz?" Then went back to sleep as the house shook some more with thunder.

Oh FFS, Cooper's hawk is flying through my back yard! If they land in the tree I'll go out.

Best go get laundry started, then do dishes. Should try to make today productive. I'll go out and about tomorrow or Friday. One of those days, probably tomorrow so I can pick up a book at the library, return some, renew a couple that I've had the max time--they're for research purposes.

Here's a tidbit from my temporary doctor. I had an itch and sort of pulled my sweatshirt down a little at the neckline. He saw all my dark spots and asked to look more and yeah, whole top of chest like that. He said, "That's a lot of sun damage there." I said, "Thank you!! I work really hard at that." "No, that's not a good thing, you could get skin cancer." "Uh, ask anyone in the office who's been here awhile, they'll tell you I've been working on my skin cancer for years." Even my regular doctor would refer my tans as my skin cancer. I don't think he quite 'got' that.

As I told my regular doctor once, if I got a skin cancer spot, I'd get it removed, put a band aid on it and continue sitting in the sun. Something is gonna kill you, that's a fact. Even if it's an old age. No one gets out of here alive. So why not do things you enjoy so long as you're not hurting anyone else?

We have a wind advisory til 4am. HOLD ON TREES!!! The tree 2 doors down is 1/2 dead. If that one goes, it'll probably take out Eddie's garage, maybe mine too, depending how it falls. I don't think the owner there has insurance on the property. It's vacant for reasons known only to the owner. The power was shut off in the fall, so the furnace hasn't run. Can we say water damage? Can we say black mold? Can we say why the fuck would someone leave a totally paid off house vacant?


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