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Uh, it's really February in NE Ohio?!?!

Cut down a couple trees in side yard. One was a PITA, even took sledgehammer to it, that was nice. After that, wore out. So....you know where this is going...chairs from front yard though.


Sat there about an hour then went for a walk with a neighbor who DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THE GOODYEAR BLIMP IS!!!!!!!! [told ya I was gonna blog that!! :D ] She's from another country, but still! "What does it do?" Spread joy, magic, and happiness!!! No, she's never seen/heard me fly out of the house yelling BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll send her some links.

Talked to some neighbors by Joyce and I'm not the only one who has damage from the raccoons. I'm also not the only one who throws the cat shit back into her yard. Hey, we're being good neighbors and returning her property. Learned a new one though, apparently her pig husband [apologies to four legged pigs] will take shits in the attic into a bag, then tie the bag up and throw it out the back attic window. Oh fucking lovely. They also said Joyce got herself on some city/county committee or group to try to get them to leave her alone. I can't find that anywhere.

Doing something that manipulative doesn't surprise me though. That doesn't absolve you from complying with city ordinances. I told them if the city comes to my place this year I'm flat out gonna sue 'em for unequal enforcement and her property will be Exhibit A. Food in the back AND front!! Someone over on her street is trapping the cats. Good for them!!! Some of them were so so ill it was always a shock to see one after a long absence, as you'd assume it had died.

Alright, gonna go make dinner.


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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