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Fa la la la la la free form thoughts....

I have things to post, duh. Quick free flow thoughts in the interim. This could be frightening, or fun. I have no fucks to give either way.

I use to think Mother Nature was menopausal. Now I truly believe she's bipolar and off her meds. No, no that's not PC. Sorry, not sorry. It's suppose to be SEVENTY TWO Friday! We keep going from one extreme to another. This is seriously fucked up! I have a winter LJ theme and I feel I should change it. Same with the theme on my phone. Dammit.

I'm debating whether to send the red cross a note or not. As far as I'm aware they did not take advantage of the Muslim travel ban as a fund raiser. They ALWAYS have their hand out any time they can sort of justify it. Yes, it'd be pithy. "Gee, you didn't take advantage of a situation to get money. Impressive!" Ever since that red cross woman was making jokes the night of Eddie's house fire they can go fuck themselves as far I'm concerned. At that time he only thought one cat survived, and the house was STILL ON FIRE. Yeah, make jokes you fucking cunt.

This is the only red ckross I like.

I'm acquiring flooring materials. They were on my list of things to procure thru the year, so score!! Yes, I'm going to do some home improvements. I think the only thing I will need someone to help me with is when I put drywall over the living room ceiling. My ceiling is FINE now; but it's the original lathe and plaster. There's a few lines, but per 'this old houses' website I felt those areas and they did not give way. BUT it's preventative maintenance, because eventually that will happen. That's what happened with Wendy's ceiling. Especially when there were crews digging up the street outside her place. Everything I read said to put dry wall over the lathe and plaster--cuz really, who the hell wants to remove that if you don't have too?? But yeah, someone will have to help me with that, as I can't hold it up and screw it into place by myself. Yes, when I finish a room, I'll break one of my self-imposed rules, and I will post a pix of it.

Need rain boots again---last pair got wore out. Yes, it's on a list. I've been doing some yard work, in the warm weather. I've wore shorts the past 2 days. Mother Nature needs to be taken in on a 51/50 call cuz she needs her meds stabilized!

Next month I can see my regular doctor again! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I'm gonna send the former place's headquarter's a pithy letter which, yes, I will post here. I never post where I go or doctor's names, due to someone in the long long long ago actually phoning places and harassing them, so I just make that a general rule now. But I won't be there again!! The doctors and staff are fine there, it's the upper management and IT department that has issues. I will post a doctor's name if they're a quack. Such as Khalil. Dr. Khalil, in my opinion, is a QUACK when it comes to vestibular issues. He might be fine for ENT issues, but NOT vestibular ones. He's the ding dong who dismissively said I had meinierre's, there was nothing to be done, then billed medicare way way too much money for his quackery. Oh yeah, he ordered a MRI [note about them next paragraph or the next] and his staff INSISTED it HAD to be done at western reserve hospital or he wouldn't get the results. Oh fuck you, I ain't going there. IT HAS TO BE THERE. NO IT DOES NOT! I didn't go there, cuz fuck that. Summa is suing western reserve and that's one of the things---forcing people to go ONLY their location for tests. Yep Khalil's staff did that!

Just like his staff made the first appointment for 1pm and said to get there 20 minute for paperwork. Fine. Get there, no one there. They were at lunch til 1pm. They got all pissy with me about that saying I shouldn't have scheduled a new patient appointment at 1pm. I knew your lunch times how? That's on you, not me. Khalil, the ENT, is, in my opinion and personal experience a QUACK when it comes to vestibular problems and his staff are rude ass fucks.

Ah, I'm so nice. Though my regular doctor's office staff likes me and gets excited when I come in. Oh, MRIs. You know how rich/famous people will take advantage of doctors to prescribe them pain meds and other meds they don't really need? If I ever got rich you know what I'd be inclined to do? Find a doctor who'd prescribe me a brain MRI twice a year. I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are so so soooooooooo fucking awesome. I have no idea what exactly they do, but any anxiety/stress, is G-O-N-E for a few months afterwards. Poof, gone! So calming. I feel peaceful after one. I've had MRIs at different places, so I know it wasn't just at one place I got lucky once. I LOVE THEM!!! Though if I found a doctor that would prescribe them twice a year, and even if I paid cash for it, that's wrong, and fuck, I hate having ethics. I wonder if it could count as PTSD help though? Hmmmm....it really does help. I gotta look into that. If someone isn't researching that, they need to and I'll be test subject A!!

I have a phone call with Edward to post about and today a LIVE interaction. I was on the phone with Senior Detective Rice so she heard it too as I walked over there. We both were speechless. And that's how I shall end this...


This blog shouldn't be read by anyone! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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